Guy Playing Golf Catches Two UFOs Over Area, Nov 2015, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 7, 2015, Submitted Nov 2015
Location of sighting: Tucson, Arizona, USA
Source: MUFON, #72507

We were made aware of this triangle UFO thanks to UFOvni2012 of Youtube. The triangle UFO is not the only one in the photo. I enlarged it and found another black UFO over the clouds on the far left of the photo. This is why the F-18s are in the area. Two UFOs showed up on radar and they were sent out to check. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
On vacation (Tucson AZ) playing golf, watched and heard F18's flying around courses a lot that day, took picture of friend and saw craft in photo it made no sound unlike F18's, it was so far off I didn't think it was a craft, (maybe a bird) plus made no sound so I went back to playing golf. Later that evening was looking at image with friend and we decided it had to be a craft of some kind. I worked for General Dynamics for few years and watched a lot of military aircraft flying and this looked nothing like any I have observed. It appeared to be ascending in a straight line at about a 20 degree angle.


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