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Date of article: Feb 25, 2014

I just wanted to share this with you. I really got a lot out of it getting a chance to see Einsteins views about aliens. Even in June of 1947, Einsteins thinking about why aliens are here. 
Scott C. Waring

An unidentified flying object, or UFO, in its most general definition, is any apparent anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable as a known object or phenomenon. Although its definition encompasses any unexplained aerial phenomena, in popular culture, the term has generally become synonymous with an extra-terrestrial spacecraft. 

UFO sightings have been reported throughout recorded history and in various parts of the world, raising questions about life on other planets and whether extra-terrestrials have visited Earth. They have become a major subject of interest, and the inspiration behind numerous films and books, however, sadly they are also the focus of intense ridicule. For decades there has been a move, deliberate or not, to diminish the importance of UFOs and create a public belief that UFOs are a hoax. However, unexplained aerial observations have been reported throughout history, from prehistoric times until the present day. 

Some ancient depictions of flying objects in the sky were undoubtedly astronomical in nature: comets, bright meteors, planets that can be seen with the naked eye, or atmospheric optical phenomena such as lenticular clouds. An example is Halley's Comet, which was recorded first by Chinese astronomers in 240 BC and possibly as early as 467 BC. Such sightings throughout history often were treated as supernatural portents, angels, or other religious omens. 

However, we cannot just assume that what our ancient ancestors saw and recorded on cave walls or in ancient texts were astronomical or environmental phenomena. Like today’s sightings, there appears to be a small percentage of sightings that are simply ‘unexplained’, and many of the records existing from our ancient past certainly raise intrigue, like the prehistoric cave painting to the left, which bears a similarity to images painted centuries later in the 16th century Summer’s Triumph Tapestry, and which also ties in closely with modern day UFO accounts. Oppenheim and Einstein - Ancient UFO There are also the Aboriginal cave paintings of the ‘Wandjina’ spirits, which appear to represent alien visitors. 

Proponents of the ‘ancient astronaut’ perspective point to numerous myths and legends telling of ‘sky gods’ descending from the sky, and historical texts dating back 4,000 years that appear to describe flying crafts. In the Vedic literature of India, such as the Rg Veda, the Mahabharata, and the Ramayana, there are many descriptions of flying machines called Vimanas which were used in warfare in ancient times. The Vimanas were said to be able to fly in the earth's atmosphere as well as into outer space, distant planets and be submerged underwater. 

In the pyramids of Egypt, archaeologists have found hieroglyphs that resemble the UFOs that are described in sightings up to the present day. Centuries later, we have the pre-Columbian gold artefacts found in Central America, which appear to be perfect models of flying crafts. Later, in the medieval period, there was an abundance of art produced which appear to depict UFOs in the sky. 

Oppenheim and Einstein - Ancient UFO. The 14th century painting called 'The Crucifixion', which is located above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo, appears to depict a man in some kind of craft looking back over his shoulder. 

As the ‘debunkers’ correctly point out, none of these ancient depictions alone can be taken as conclusive evidence of the existence of extra-terrestrial life. But they do, at the very least, raise the possibility that extra-terrestrials have indeed visited Earth, and that just as people today regularly report sightings of unidentified objects in the sky, so to might our ancient ancestors have encountered objects that they could neither identify nor explain. 

Considering the above, it therefore seems sensible that UFOs should be the subject of scholarly debate and scientific investigation. Instead, what we see today is an internet full of fake images, hoax videos, sensational Hollywood movies, and misinformation that makes it virtually impossible for a legitimate researcher to pull out facts from the very large haystack of rubbish. 

It also appears that our governments are not exactly forthcoming when it comes to offering information about their own research on the matter. We only need to look at the CIA’s announcement in August 2013 that Area 51 does exist, despite decades of denying it and brandishing anyone who dared to suggest it as a mere conspiracy theorist. 

This brings us to an unclassified Top Secret document written by Robert Oppenheimer, an American theoretical physicist, and Albert Einstein, a German theoretical physicist, who wrote a joint report on the issue of “Relationship with Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies”. The six-page document is the first document to use the phrase ‘Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities’ (EBEs). It says the presence of unidentified spacecraft is accepted as de facto by the military - and this is dated June 1947. 

The document deals with issues such as: where extra-terrestrials may come from, what the law say about it, what we should do in the event of colonisation and/or integration of peoples, and why they are here. The document suggests that in the event that EBE's desire to settle here on earth there will be "profound change in traditional concepts" of law and the possible need for a new "Law Among Planetary Peoples." 

This document is important for two reasons. The first reason is that it addresses the possibility of life on other planets in a very logical and coherent way and explores what such a realisation would mean. It also raises the question as to why if respected scientists such as Oppenheimer and Einstein are able to approach the subject in an academic way, are we unable to engage in such sensible discussion today? The analysis presented by Oppenheimer and Einstein indicates that ‘disclosure’ of extra-terrestrial existence could cause irreversible damage to society, raising the possibility that our governments today may already know of extra-terrestrial existence but have considered the same issues raised by Oppenheimer and Einstein and ruled against disclosure. If the population is told that intelligent extra-terrestrial beings not only exist but have been visiting our planets for thousands of years, being confronting with such evidence could cause upheaval in the domains of religion, society, law, and finance which, if not addressed properly, could bring chaos to the planet. 

There are many questions to be answered. The document suggests that EBEs could be more intelligent and technologically advanced than us, and asks if this is the case, why would they come to Earth? Would it be to conquer and inhabit Earth, to peacefully cooperate with humans, or to study us in the same way that we study any new species that we encounter? 

Oppenheim and Einstein Letter The document considers, if their civilisation is more advanced than ours, how could a co-occupation of Earth be feasible? 

Oppenheim and Einstein Letter Oppenheim and Einstein Letter Imagine the situation in which advanced technology is given to our civilisation – powerful defence systems, unlimited energy, cloaking devices, space travel to other solar systems, instant transportation devices, and so on. Now considering the current state of our civilisation and the people that govern it, what would such a release of technology mean? One word: Chaos. 

The second reason that this document is important is because it addresses the presence of alien UFOs on our planet as a fact known to the military, and relates it to our invention of nuclear bombs – the single weapon that could eliminate life on Earth for many thousands of years.

It is not hard to understand that if UFOs are kept hidden from the public, it is for multiple reasons, which are logically addressed in this document. It is for these reasons, that we may never see a disclosure of extra-terrestrial existence in our lifetime. In the meantime, it seems that the most sensible approach is to keep an open-mind. It is usually the case that a debate rages between two opposite extremes – one side wants to believe wholeheartedly that the cave art and mythological accounts are all descriptions of alien encounters, while the other side is so prepared to disbelieve that anything exists beyond the scope of their reason that they will ignore even the most blatant rendition. If scientists can overcome the ridicule and disparaging remarks that come with exploring the subject matter, perhaps one day we will find irrefutable evidence that UFOs and extra-terrestrials do exist. 


  1. I honestly think aliens exist. In Canada...joking.
    It's pretty cool that you do research on stuff like this. Keep up the daily sightings!

  2. Nice find. Lets be honest, we will never have disclosure. I really hope im wrong, I really do, but look at the problems we have on earth, terrorist attacks, murders, need I go on? as humans we can't live In peace together, so telling the world about extra terrestrials would just cause anarchy, heightened scare amongst almost every human around the globe.
    There are many like ourselves that could deal with full disclosure, but we are a huge minority, compared to most of the population who wouldn't be able to digest the realisation or simply cope. The mass hysterica it would create around the world would cause more problems than we currently have.
    What would happen to our economy? would it crash? would people want to work? would it stop or change different religions? (right now im not sure that's even a bad thing) but the world as we know it, would change overnight.
    We have so many crazy people living on earth, i'm sure there would even be many thousands that would even commit suicide just because they think the world would be coming to an end due to an ET invasion.
    But, if extra-terrestrial life is true, 'which we all know it is', it simply would be the ultimate finding of mankind.
    I do like the famous quote by Werner Von Braun, that Carol Rosin mentioned in the disclosure project. He predicted that once we find peace on earth (which who knows how long that will be) we will then have an asteroid problem, something we have seen before, most recently in Russia a year or so ago, then (and im not sure how long this will be) we apparently will face the true knowledge of extra-terrestrial life, perhaps an ET threat.
    I personally do not think they are hostile, otherwise they would have conquered our earth a while back. In fact, I actually reckon most alien life forms today are purely peaceful, live for hundreds maybe thousands of years, have cured themselves from all known diseases, and live in peace amongst themselves.
    Lets hope we find disclosure in our lifetime. WDB Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-wsBFSsCbI
    Anyway, great site Scott!
    ps Scott is there any way you could visit James Gililland's ranch to watch/record some UFO's? watch from 44min 50 seconds in. I would love to go to his ranch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1RaIWZq5Q8

  3. Kind of on the same subject...have you read about Admiral Byrd and Task Force 68? In 1947 Admiral Byrd and Task Force 68 went to Antarctica to confront a reported advanced Nazi Submarine Base (Operation Highjump (1946-1947)). With a war fleet, Aircraft carrier, destroyers and several thousand men they reportedly fought a battle against flying saucers. Loosing several ships, they retreated. This was found in declassified Russian documents. Implications are there is a secret Nazi/UFO base under sea near Antarctica.

  4. Maybe could see it with Google Earth...

  5. Good stuff Scott thanks for posting.I not a religious person so I don't understand the theory that disclosure will cause chaos.I think it's just a fear tactic.Human beings are very adaptable and I think after the initial shock everything would be ok.

    1. Hi Eyevoltage, in London about 4-5 years ago we had these crazy riots due to a potential criminal with a gun being shot by the Police. London went into meltdown, it was all over the news, buildings on fire, looting, it was mental for days, like a scene from a movie, but it was real. Many young people went on a rampage of smashing everything up and fighting with police. If that was over one man being shot, the word chaos would not even describe the amount of problems full disclosure would cause. I believe most people that agree with this site, like us, are very intelligent humans with open minds, unfortunately you forget we have some seriously uneducated people out there, their minds cant fathom other life forms.
      Reason why I mentioned religion, is apparently many religions (im not religious, so not 100% which one but it maybe Islam as a predominant one im not 100% sure) but many religions apparently state we are the only life form in the universe, and do not believe in ET's, so, with people learning and believing this, surely this would prove that their religion belief is quite accurately wrong, which in turn could cause even more problems. Sorry for my long reply's, I just find this subject is by far the biggest phenomena of mankind to date, I find it hard to write a few sentences on it lol

  6. Even though I only read about three sentences of Neil 1s novel I agree with him. People like us who frequent this sight often have accepted life elsewhere. But more than half the worlds population refuse to be open minded and think that we are the only life existing in this universe. It's a selfish thing to think really. Although it's sad that the military can't disclose information proving that life exists elsewhere, it is the right thing to do and I don't blame them

    1. hahah, Hi Mr Lahey, apologies for the long reply, it wasn't a novel lol, in fact I think its all quite interesting and true what I wrote, u should read it, and watch the bottom link of a video, an actor from UK visited a ranch where he seems to see ufos.
      I agree with you, its sad the military wont disclose information. It makes me laugh, we are denied free energy from our governments, something which has been around for a very long time, if they wont give us that, I cant see disclosure ever happening in our lifetime.

  7. Everyday I speAk outloud that we (humanity) need disclosure. Just because we have a few yahoos that are unable to believe anything makes no difference. The big picture folks is that there are billions of people on planet earth. Over half of them believe in EBEs. Majority rules here in this time.. Therefore a disclosure event will not cause chaos. It May render a few mentally challenged individuals catatonic and scary-wet -the -bed dreams, but not chaos.
    The true fact is that disclosure would usher in a glorious new world. A heaven on earth, the end of disease and poverty and the beginning of new exploration and prosperity.
    We need disclosure. We want disclosure. It is time to let truth set us free!

    1. Yes we need disclosure to learn are origins also, however the Global Robber Barrons, i,e. GRB's thats apart of the Secret Gov group, or the SG's pyramidal structual false flag pullin & damaging to humanity here & abroad will not want disclosure if there dirty rotten behinds can help it, & incidently there not finish w/ US & the world w/ FF ops, & perhaps behind the scenes as they usually do are planning on US here on good ole mommy earth to go at ea others throats BIG TIME & enmass after being manipulated by them by various means via clandestine & technological means to cause US to continually kill ea other off, hell all 7.5- 8 billion of earths human beings if not close to that number, & as a result removing a good portion of the global populace for the now brace yourselves on your control modules, ok here goes, this so called "NEW HYBRID HUMANOID SPECIES" to repopulate this world w/ in a short several more gens to come, WE EARTH HUMANS of 2day my fellow crewmates here at present standing on mamma earth will depopulate as a result of planned machinations by them via such tools they like to use such as continuing global terror attacks, & possibly even the untried false flag nuclear vrs they may have on the drawing board, ongoing gloabal weather manipulations & soil contamination etc, & even more to come by this so called mortal worthless top elite society thats about to sell off this whole world to the highest melevolent ET bidder, then escape after they suck the world dry like the cowards to earths humanity they really are...

      The so called powerfull earth elites will become "COSMIC REFUGEES", subjected to what ever to await there dangerous, gready, false flag runnin, earth humanity sell out asses they proven to be to the aware of earth, UC crew others out there will know also what there about a may deal w/ them apropietly so that there DNA does not contaminate this region of Space & Time in this universe imo.

      Mark my word.


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