Drone Over Area 51 Catches Great Rare View, Feb 2016, 3 Videos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of footage: February 22, 2016
Location of footage: Area 51, Nevada

This amazing footage was recorded using an RC drone with a HD camera on it. Hans Faulkner of Youtube wanted to learn more about the top secret USAFB, so he took a short flight over the edges of the base. Its very brave of him to share this footage on line since it does break a few laws and endanger his security. 

I imagine it wont be long before the public gets robotic drones that will pass over the base and return hours later with great footage. The military will have a hard time finding these tiny drones since the newest and smallest one I saw was an inch and a half in diameter with a live cam on it. Sadly todays batteries are the last of the ancient tech to be upgraded. Imagine what a drone with a telescope lens would see. 

Hats off to Hans Faulkner for beautiful and rare view of Area 51. Please stop at his video and give him a thumbs up for support. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Cool! But give it three days and the gov will delete it from youtube. So please archive after dling copies.

  2. Imagine how long a small palm sized drone would stay in the air w/ Solar cell Vt inductance instead so that the batt issue is null until night time flyin UC, however give this time & you just may see electronic counter measures from A51 security tech to thwart even a drone the size or a quarter, & i do believe after they have came to realize that these miniature digital cam tech loaded tiny drones on a clear & windless day could be utilized as spying devices will very shortly via sat observation tech that they may develope if not already, to find these tiny drones hoovering & flying on the outer moutain range parimeters overlooking the A51 regions...

    It sounds good on paper to do this as a tax payin citizen to see where some of your tax $ is going to, but the risk is in all probability is of being charged w/ a serious federal spying offense via the quises of national security etc that they can throw on ya, so from now on be extremely careful oK.


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