President Obama On Ellen Show Hesitates When Asked About Aliens, Feb 12, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of interview: February 12, 2016
Location of interview: Ellen TV Show

President Obama was on the Ellen Show this week when he got to meet a presidential expert Macey, a 5 year old who has most the answers and a few mind blowing questions. She directly asks the presidents if the book of secrets exists, which he replies..."thats a secret." Then she asks about aliens which he replies, "the truth is Macey....we...we...we haven't actually made direct contact with aliens yet." This reply is a hesitation before he answers, which means he had to think up an answer, because he had to lie. Hesitation when answering means dishonesty. Any time a person visibly hesitates when relaying information (rather than, say, making an emotional appeal) to another character, it's even money or better that they're being dishonest, and are trying to barely avoid saying too much. So the truth is, Obama knows the US government has direct contact with aliens. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. they don't have ''direct contact'',just planes chasing and space station hovering. the aliens contact ME, not them! why aliens showing me aircraft holograms that vanish when you walk toward them? go9vernment doesent believe in them like a denial. but many citizens have seen these and acknowledge them.

  2. Dont expect soon to be 2 term peresidential lame duck & near retairement Obama to say crap on the UFO/ET matter either, hell why should he & muck up green pasters awaiting him in 10 months thats why hell no he wont disclose, tho personally i dont trust the clintons anymore w/ good past reasons, however take in mind that Hillary made a visit to one of the Rockefeller bro's texas ranch as a senator a few yrs ago w/ her seen holding a UFO book in her hand, we came to understand that her connections to wall st ect could accelerate this Sec Gov/GRB space mineral plundering prog that ofcourse these very elites includin hillarys friend & wall st banking connected pal "Rocky" to hopefully help bring disclosure for this purpose???,there are imo may be different factions of the Sec Gov & the GRB's that just may want the gallactic plundering prog highly secret from the global pub i,g., & as a result of this just may decide to rig a political defeat towards H Clinton's potential 2016 presidency to prevent a possible disclosure from her, hell observe what they did to the 2007 presidential election candidate senator Dennis Kucinich (D) from Ohio, & how they played that brilliant politician to defeat because of his announcement that revealed a two time UFO encounter w/in his life span, & just like the false flag & disastrous to the modern world Bush jr selection in 2000, the Sec Gov & GRB's just may rig the 2016 presidential elections, & install one of thoses ayatollah type of right wing christian fundamentalist wacko jobs such as sen ted cruz, including a number of other pac paid potential religous & robber baron paid & influnced right wing nazi 2016 pres candidates on the repub side, in fact all the right wing bums on the repubs side of the fence other than that bombasticly stupid tho very wealth D Trump is himself is the only repub candidate thats not on the GRB's political pacs payroll, yes trump who is not being funneled financial funding by the primire robber barrons of the 21st century by the name of the "Koch bros" if the names spellins correct, who seems hell bent on taking your american society & possibly YOUR WORLD into the guilded age of robber baron economic rigged rules to the stone age via various exploitive GRB tactics that they the Koch bro's whos the most aggressive & economically dangerous GRB's to date among other global right wing styled robber barons of this age have in mind to do if they can steal the executive branch of the U.S. again like they did in 2000 by selecting via electorial & judicial malfeasance, that the now deceased & angry gas bag spokeman for 2days supreme court justice Scalia w/ other suprems court justices's help to stop the count in the 2000 florida elections were bush jr's little brother thats now runnin for pres controled then to ultimately prevent candidate Gores election, & GOOD RIDDENCE to that awefull & hatefull supreme court rat Scalia too imo, so w/ this currupted federal judicial help, the rats ultimately & successfully installed that dim witted Bush jr as commander in chief in the U.S. executive branch, & since then YOUR WORLDS became quite politically & a economicly & socially topsy turvy wold as a result, & they do this curruptness so dam well in this time now which intales, Rigged Elections, Jerry Mandering honest voting Community's for right wing political gain, the eviseration of the public commons for the purpose of privatizing these pub commons for there greedy & personal profit motives, just to name a few indignaties those greedy basterds have in mind to do to us globally too...

    I surmise revenge commin from the Bush repub camp if Trump becomes electeted, so Trump might want to not fly anymore on his personal aircraft especially that worn out DC series commercial airplane UC...

    Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha, its getting treacherous dwn here now.

    1. A recent update reports that presidential contestant (R) Jeb Bush, has dropped out of the race, & as of now trump is on top of the repub horse race for pres...

      Now lets break this dirty greasy machine dwn for a sec & deduce how it might work against Mr D Trump if he becomes U.S. pres after the $100 mill dwn the toilet thats out of i realize now from Jebs B's pocket, yes $100 mill of his personal investment lost plus the humiliation from Trump that Jeb B had experienced to the point his 2000 florida selected false flagged elected big bro that Jeb as then 2000 Florida's gov helped rigged elections to get in, & once in had as pres proven to be dangerously disastrous to the free world the former so called president G Bush had to jump in to try to defend...

      Lets put it this way, if Trump becomes pres via 2016 presidential installment via fare voting counts or by GRB & supreme court rat malfeasance like in 2000, then well ladies & gents on board Scotts ship here ill declare to you a survivability of only 1 term for Mr Trump, that is IF he makes a full 4yr term, ive gave ya the equations now DO THE MATH...

      Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha, itll be very interesting to see Trumps 1st & possible last term, & who knows what might happen to him, Mu Ha Ha Ha, like that funny little german soldier spy used to say on the NBC TV 70's Laugh In Show would declare & quote; "Very Interesting", & that it would, hell id be pist like Jeb too if a clown like Trump jumped in da scene & made me lose $100mill of my pocket money, tho im not in neither Trumps nor the Bush bro's financial class id still be pissed if someone made me lose just a wimpy $100 buck Ben note w/ out my hand in it, so in all Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha, a very very very interesting & possible scenerio in da makin UC now, Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

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