Street dogs in Rwanda scared when entity moves over them, Feb 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: 2016
Location of sighting: Rwanda, Africa

This video was recorded by a small boy in Rwanda this year. It shows an entity hovering and moving toward the dogs. As it gets close to the dogs, the dogs scatter. It is proof that dogs can sense or see entities that the human eye cannot. Often during UFO cases the animals around will cause an uproar, but especially dogs. Fantastic catch of an alien energy entity exploring the streets of Rwanda. And why would they want be there? Because they want to watch and learn all aspects of humans, including how we treat one another in the most difficult of situations. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. So why is this video from Tercer Milenio blocked? Message is; "This video contains content from tercermilenio. It is not available in your country.

  2. The video wont play. It states the video is from tercermilenio and is not available in my country (usa)
    Is there somewhere else i can view it? Thank you Scott.

  3. Prehaps entity was protecting small boy from dogs attacking him?

  4. video wont play in the us due to whatever . How do i get around that censorship title?

  5. video not available someplaces.but notice how shape looks like mars buildings ?? same white light structure. just smaller. ufo entities which have been seen in streets of USA.

  6. Can't view video. Says not able to view in your country? I'm in USA

  7. Go to YouTube and put in the title to the video. I was able to view this video.

  8. It is not available in your country. ?

  9. G'day mates,
    I watched the video and it looks a bit dogey to me, if I was a dog in any third world country i'd be a bit paranoid about anything as you could become dinner ;)
    Hosko ( sydney Australia )

  10. https://uk2.unblockvideos.com/index.php?q=m9iqqNVwX2Or2qhkrNSorKjIxmab0NFj2pOsk85zq3VmlGlvpmeTdpatgg

  11. I thought I live in a free country being the USA? I guess it is not that free after all!

  12. When Youtube videos do not work in your country, you can try downloading with http://www.clipconverter.cc/
    I grabbed this video using http://www.clipconverter.cc/download/GPNga2Au/223222005/

    Yes, animals, like cats and dogs, have not been "trained" like us people that ghosts / spirits / entities don't exists.
    Animals are sensitive to them and that is why they jump or howl in your home and people think they are crazy,
    but it is most people who are actually crazy, because they been conditioned to think anything paranormal "is a trick of the light" or their "imagination".

  13. To view this video in the U.S. do this:
    Go to google and search for "Free Proxy".
    Click on the top link and paste in this, the video's address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3037D1cBbJQ

    But trust me when I say that it's not worth your time.

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  15. I once lived near a grave yard a couple of decades ago, & there was a auto repair serv ctr that was located just across the st from the grave yrd site, so when management closed the gated auto shop evening times, they would soon bring in 4 tough & ready dogs as inside fence security at night because of the autos w/in the gate that they had to guard, & they were two pits & two rutts, ok my point is that they would occasionally bark up a storm late at night as if they were seeing something which may have manifested from that grave yrd i,g. accross the st UC...

    A number of late nights i can recalled looking out my apt window directly accross the st were my line of sight was toward the machanics shop, & what i saw was the four dogs crazily barking all in unison w/ there attentions toward the grave yrd site, this would not happen every night but when it did it would happened around the AM hrs of the night all the time...

    Yes they seem to sense energys emitting from grave yrds at times too that ive came to realize.


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