UFO Reported Crashing Over Mountains In France, Feb 25, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 17, 2016
Location of sighting: Sainte-Croix-du-Mont, South France
News source:  http://www.sudouest.fr/2016/02/18/langonnais-un-ovni-nimbe-de-fumee-dans-le-ciel-de-sainte-croix-2277608-2932.php

A UFO was reported crashing to earth and the French Govt sent a helicopter to go investigate. The helicopter reported that only burt ground was seen. If this was a meteorite, then this should be investigated to find it for the local museum, but perhaps they are lying. They may have found more than they reported and may retrieve the craft at another time. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
A reported UFO in the sky Holy Cross The vineyards, one resident thought he saw on Wednesday afternoon, an unidentified flying object. The French Govt went on to note The Operations Centre and intelligence of the gendarmerie of the Gironde received a call to say that yesterday in late Wednesday afternoon a UFO was recorded. Thus, a resident of Sainte-Croix-du-Mont area claimed the police had seen on his commune, what he thought was an aircraft positioned at low altitude, which then disappeared through thick smoke. The authorities have taken very seriously the call to the point of having sent patrols on site with a helicopter. But no trace of plane was found nor were reported. The mystery remains. The gendarmerie has posted information on its Facebook page. Only plausible evidence to date, a burn-beating of a plot of vines was spotted by the helicopter, which may explain the fumes reported by the witness ... In any case, the French military asked: perhaps is it a meteor that had fallen, in the southeast of France? But the police also know how to use humor: would it not be a preview of the X-Files series returns to our screens on February 25 after 14 years of absence?


  1. The public should group together to investigate on matters like this, and NOT report it to any gov authorities for the gov authorities will never tell the truth. Do you trust the entity that is taxing you daily and doesnt disclose every dollar that it spends of your money?

    1. Hell no, example, recent U.S. gov decisions to throw away TRILLIONS of U.S. tax paid $ for another so called "Nuclear Weapons Upgrade Prog" to in reality ensure earth humanity's demise when the Sec Gov & GRB's tries to escape this world after Poisoning, Imprisonment & Global Theft from the innocent earth masses, including the deliberate murder via trumped up conventional & or bio warefare that they start that we see are now happening at this moment GLOBALLY, so just hope that one of those new gen of psychotic right wing christian repub fundie robber baron funded sell outs looking for there 2nd commin dont reach the U.S. executive branch & have access to the Red Phone, if so they just may accomplish there Armageddon dream wish sooner than later imo...

      Do you thk Sec Gov & GRB's will escape from earth alive after the global theft & genocide, personally i hope NOT for the most part, because if they do they will have to face extremely heavy COSMIC CARMA thatll be so bad & tough on them for what they did, that if they even reach the stars they will face unknown horrors & perrills thatll make hollywoods most horiffic Sci/Fi movies look like Disney Land Stories, & thats a good thing that i do hope & believe should face them after the fact..

      If those rotten basterds destroy earths humanity for there hoggish profit motives, they wont make it past this solar sys to exploit & plunder other worlds & planatoids like dwn here of there mineral wealth because the Benevolent others here & out there are watching waiting & know this too, i feel they wont let them out of this solar sys alive if they do that to this worlds innocent global masses, & ill tell you why, some earth humans in this comming earth changing time will not be suitable to Pick Up w/ this kind of selfesh & murderous motivated mindset against there own species of human kind for again PROFIT MOTIVES & self gain, the Sec Gov & GRB's are to doggone scandalous to travel the stars in confidence, safety & peace...

      AND THEY WONT EITHER Mark My Word.


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