Aliens Guard Pope As He Enters Mexico City On Feb 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 2016
Location of sighting: Mexico City, Mexico
News source: http://www.zocalo.com.mx/seccion/articulo/se-aparece-fantasma-de-juan-pablo-ii-en-papamovil-de-francisco-1455908081

Mexican News is reporting that the Pope came to visit them and in the famous Pope Mobile they recorded several aliens sitting with him. Its known to most UFO researches that aliens exist on the planet, some helping, some profiting, but most ignoring the human race. This is a great example of the first two. 

This is very similar to the alien secret service agent that President Obama has working for him. Click here to view that earlier post. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
MEXICO CITY caused controversy in social networks an image of an alleged "ghost" of John Paul II who accompanied the Pope Francisco on one of his travels during his recent visit to Mexico. In the picture on the net a shadow can be seen in the back of the open popemobile, which users say is Juan Pablo II. Some users described as "a miracle of God," the supposed appearance of the pontiff who died in 2005 during a tour of Francis. The truth Pope Francisco headed by popemobile to the stadium Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon for a meeting with young people in Morelia. Behind him a cameraman, two security officers and Cardinal Alberto Suarez Inda, Archbishop of this diocese were. What seems to be the face of San Juan Pablo II it is actually the blurred face of Cardinal Suarez Inda to be confused with someone put a blanket over the chair of the Popemobile.


  1. You need to stop this nonsense man! I dont see anything in this video. Some items you post are legit but this is just one of the posts that questions your credibility.

  2. Scott says, "Help...I've fallen and I can't get up!!" Wow bro....you are WAY off your rocker on this one. Shame cause a lot of your posts are critical to disclosure. Please take this down ASAP.

  3. Scott ! A bad Picture don't act as evidence that aliens exists.
    It only shows you desparation.

  4. I watched the original footage and the video is very bad quality and out of focus because the vehicle is moving rather fast! Everybody is blurred even the security personnel running on the ground so this footage could be very misleading!
    When you take a screenshot from a video, picture quality is also further reduced.

  5. Is that a green moustache on top of the security guards head???

  6. Yea, it tells u the man's name in the story. I am desperately lookin for e.t. life but this has nothing to do with the subject. Keep with it Scott, I think your closet to the truth than most

  7. You people see faces in everything!!
    I am a be leaver....and YOU are ruining the credibility of people who have seen real stuff/things/unexplained.
    Look I love this site...but when a common optical allusion sets your hair on fire like this ...well, I really have to reconsider coming here .....

  8. Scott really you discredits yourself relaying bogus information...
    i cannot believe you beleive this sh...

  9. This is just Sad. Clearly nothing Alien here. I have huge respect for the science behind extra terrestrial life, but there is no science or fact here. This is not Journalism, this is awful fiction. A lot of work you do Scott is great, but then you poison your website with such stupid material.

  10. Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, i i cant stop laughing at this because its so dam rediculous it seems, can you conceive that these ET beings are capable of watching the pope from a distance, & w/ activated cloaking sys's while floating above & onboard there craft if they really wanted to be unseen by this worlds global public, so my guestion is why bring a ET security operative onboard the pope mobile where if a anti personnel rocket were to hit the pope mobile itself, then theyd all be blown to smithereens right!, do you think that the ET guard would also parish with this pope too, well if ya ask me id tell ya its highly possible...

    And where the hell was that magical mystical bearded man that had supposedly died for those believers sins then, were did he go to when times are potentially perilous & tough for there pope, where as in this alleged example here the pope had to hire a ET body guard instead???, hell how do the swiss guard feel about job security after the slight they may feel now too i reckon, it just dosent sound right to me but still a kinda funny presentation...

    Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, a visable ET body guard, Mu Ha Ha Ha, give me a friggin break, MU HA HA HA HA HA HA.

    1. One things for sure ill add, the Vitican seems hell bent in this present 21st century world that your presently inhabiting, to greet those ET's thats willing to become Christian i suppose right!...

      Do you think theyll easily buy into it after there reviews & observations of this Earth's Human History in relation to earth mans concepts of earth born religon???, how about say Cosmic Truths that may shockingly reveal all of earth humanitys true origins, well i reckon there might come a huge & shocking revelations paridigm shift in thinking to about id say half the 7-8 billion souls on mama earth, the other half approx 3.5-4 billion just might be in a state of various cultural disary including TOTAL SHOCK & FEAR, & i predict they will be the older more religous set in there ways type of individuals for the most part UC...

      The global half thatll accept a new reality of our true origins of where we came from w/ little fear & disary but have a wide interest w/ this will be the young adults of 2day, upcomming youth to even soon to be but unborn humans who will have a what ill call a "Millennium Brain Governor" a natural human evolution at birth in this time era that'll naturally block out & see thru the BULLSHIT & PROPAGANDA thatll be constantly thrown at them from media, established religon, & Sec Gov's shenanigans to those GRB crooks thats out to morally distroy, rob, incarcerate & kill them, there will be a number of established conservative old school christians who will be raving mad at the pope & Vatican especially if the ET's dont buy into the religous deciptions to mankind, but instead show this world the undisputed truth of earth humanitys true origins in this solar sys & universe...

      Unless yes UNLESS the Vitican w/ there observatory in arozona, & its named of all things SATIN, just happens to be waiting for Mr Satin himself, maybe heading this way to land at the vitican & greet him instead???, UC now.

  11. El papa y toda la iglesia catolica es de pura gente blanca. (espanoles) los Mexicanos verdaderos, esta no es tu religion. La congregacion del papa el falsa ellos adoran al otro dios porque el dios que esta en la biblia dice que va a condenar al imperio Romano y sus seguidores. Ellos lo saben.

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