Aliens Guard Pope As He Enters Mexico City On Feb 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 2016
Location of sighting: Mexico City, Mexico
News source: http://www.zocalo.com.mx/seccion/articulo/se-aparece-fantasma-de-juan-pablo-ii-en-papamovil-de-francisco-1455908081

Mexican News is reporting that the Pope came to visit them and in the famous Pope Mobile they recorded several aliens sitting with him. Its known to most UFO researches that aliens exist on the planet, some helping, some profiting, but most ignoring the human race. This is a great example of the first two. 

This is very similar to the alien secret service agent that President Obama has working for him. Click here to view that earlier post. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
MEXICO CITY caused controversy in social networks an image of an alleged "ghost" of John Paul II who accompanied the Pope Francisco on one of his travels during his recent visit to Mexico. In the picture on the net a shadow can be seen in the back of the open popemobile, which users say is Juan Pablo II. Some users described as "a miracle of God," the supposed appearance of the pontiff who died in 2005 during a tour of Francis. The truth Pope Francisco headed by popemobile to the stadium Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon for a meeting with young people in Morelia. Behind him a cameraman, two security officers and Cardinal Alberto Suarez Inda, Archbishop of this diocese were. What seems to be the face of San Juan Pablo II it is actually the blurred face of Cardinal Suarez Inda to be confused with someone put a blanket over the chair of the Popemobile.