Basketball Size Ball Of Life Found On Russian Mir Space Station, Jan 1998, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 15, 1998
Location of discovery: MIR space station
News source: http://www.space.com/3832-unwanted-life-forms-abound-sick-spacecraft.html

Life is everywhere in our universe, so says mathematics (Drake Equation), and you can't argue with the math. Mir found loads of microscopic life growing without them even knowing, similar to what NAS found on the International Space Station a few years ago, when they found giant plankton (ocean) growing outside the space station on the solar panels! Inside or outside, one thing is clear...life exists everywhere in this universe. It doesn't depend on your belief in its existence...apparently nature believes in itself. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
Spacecraft start out clean - as close to germ-free as humans can make them. But after years of use, unused spaces within the walls can become home to unwanted life forms. When NASA joined the Russian space program in its evaluation of the microbial activity aboard the Mir spacecraft, they made some interesting discoveries. NASA's plan was to obtain information that would be useful during long-duration missions. Mir had suffered several power outages during its fifteen years in low earth orbit; temperature and humidity had gone well beyond normal levels. In 1998, NASA astronauts were collecting samples from air and surfaces. Imagine their surprise when they opened an obscure service panel in Mir's Kvant-2 Module and discovered a free-floating mass of water. 

 "According to the astronauts' eyewitness reports, the globule was nearly the size of a basketball," C. Mark Ott, health scientist at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, said. Following a thorough search, several more globules were discovered. 

The water wasn't clean, either; two of the blobs were brown and the other was milky white. Samples taken back to Earth for analysis contained several dozen species of bacteria and fungi, plus some protozoa, dust mites (see photo), and possibly spirochetes. The temperature behind the panels was a toasty 82 degrees Fahrenheit - perfect for microorganisms. Colonies of unwanted organisms were also found growing on rubber gaskets around windows, on space suit components, cable insulations and tubing, on the insulation of copper wires, and on communications devices. 


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  2. This is a very very very interesting observation Scott, yes for NASA scientist to realize now that various bio micro organism type of lifeforms can, GULP ah like that movie Alien perhaps, can survive in the various cracks & cravesis of terrestrial earth human made & soon to be CONTAMINATED orbital space stations, & even human contained space craft being exposed to various kinds of human bacteria includin the main culprit the ships shit house obviously of the space craft or station that may be full of bacterial critters the various human space crews bring w/ them up there after a good harty earth human dump in the ships head or just say the bath room for non naval nomenclature, hell this even sounds like that Outer Limits ep called "Specimen Unknown" were in this scenero the astronuts brought back a mushroom looking pod floating in there parked area of space incidently, that grew into a lethal ET plant form that would grown anywhere & kill anything, ofcourse that is until water touches those plants & killed them instead, that i can recall of that OL ep, & just think a plant that dies when rain water hits it of all things strange...

    I just hope none of 2days slimy space basket ball sized brown & filmy white not to mention even pissy yellow cabin bacterial globs that might who knows will grow into a huge 8 foot or more round human infecting space ship contaminating on board monster in this modern day earth human era thatll literally make those astronauts, NO how about THOSE ESCAPING 1% of so called global ELITES instead UC those are the basterds that needs the chronic diarea, disentary, butt iching etc, so that the escaping 1% gets sick enough to roll over & die instead, as they try to escape the dammage theyve done down here thro the ages, i feel that the men & women in the non SSP scientific astronaut core are more valuable & more honorable than those 1% of dirty rotten earth based robber baron SoB's on any day of a earth yr UC...

    Yes crewmates for them to travel the cosmos in Safety, Peace & Confidence has multiple meanings i suppose right, can they count on those malevolents to make things nice & clean for there dirty rotten butts, hell i dought it but soon we will see right!.

    1. YES YES Scott & crewmates, i see now genetically MUTATED onboard 8 foot or more "PUKE/SHIT BALL MONSTERS" this may be the escaping GRB's worst modern day Sci/Fi nightmare, & possibly one of the many perils to come to the 1% elites just might have to face once the malevolents abandon them out there, i mean when you really thk about it those malevolents really wont need there asses anymore because from that point YOUR WORLD could become open grabs unless the benevolents protect it, or even while those so called elite GRB SoB's try to attempt escape from a damaged world that they had created, like the 1% cowards that they really are compared to earths innocent masses of humanity that slaved & perished under control of these greedy lifeless basterds...

      YES YES, i see grave dysentery, diarrhea, nausea even a bad bad bout of very nasty butt, vaginal & crotch itchin on board the 1%'s nasty smelly craft that there trying to escape from, because it will be extremely rough for them out there in this solar sys, & & all kinds of crap "Pun Intended" can & WILL happen to them UC.

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