Blue Plasma UFO Seen By Scientist During Hunting Trip In Canada, 45 Min Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 2014
Location of sighting: Canada
Source: MUFON

Its understandable that a person in the DOD wants to keep things off the record. In the government, you either play by their rules, or their rules will kick you out. Its just about job security. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
A extremely credible Scientist that works with highly advanced technology who is also a contractor with the Department of Defense tells about a encounter with a large U.F.O. while on a hunting trip , 3 hunters see a dog bone shaped U.F.O. that is 170 feet long, covered in blue plasma, watch a interview with two of the hunters who witness this out of this world craft 400 feet away from them, Investigated independently by myself and Robert Powell (Director of Research for MUFON) Mutual UFO Network , for a considerable time, this event has produced specific details normally not observed and is now being released to the public, with the witness needing specific help furthering his research. 


  1. looks like ufo type shapes , but you may see similar detailed shape but it may be only 3 feet long. that is most likely a ufo fake craft shape. they could manfest as cloud or white orb or fake ''spaceship''. they most likely wanted you to notice e.t. life so they faked a ''ufo'' to get your belief that there might be alien life. that's most likely not a ''ship''. they make black circles on a white disc ,but up cdlose you can see that structure in this photo is actually very dense light that so dense I t looks like perfect ''obvject'' but you can tell up close its not ''solid''. that ufo 9in photo in reality is made of some kind of unusual light. that photo shows what they saw but what they saw wasn't a solid ''ship'' like this illustration might make you assume. remember, aliens don't need a ship to travel...they are most likely vortexes of unknown physics. instant teleporters like in china alien saves rickshaw video. they only fake a spaceship so humans will get the idea there is some ''aircraft'' from another place. they know we know spaceships so they fake one to get attention...those are not really ''windows'' on that but they maybe help them see a certain way.

  2. How can I relay a message to this man? I have very informative/ sensitive information that could help in the explanation of what they witnessed.

  3. How can I relay a message to this man? I have very informative/ sensitive information that could help in the explanation of what they witnessed. Please do not post this message publicly.

  4. The reason the craft has no rivets or seams is because it was built in a giant wax-like mold, it may have been a gift to us humans (as funny as that sounds) and having smooth and rounded edges on the entire craft is essential for the constant flow of electrical current. I'm not an expert in this field, but I do believe the craft is manipulating earths own magnetic field in regards to the metallic body of the craft being the benefactor. The source of the power is almost certainly element 115, Being used by a reactor of some sort to convert the nuclear energy of 115 into a constant stream of electricity, instead of typical gravity amplifiers more commonly used.



  6. However, since the beginning of time to the present day, many countries and cultures have relied on hunting as a means of survival and economic stability. Look at this site


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