City Appears To Float On Water As UFO Reflects Distant City, March 19, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 19, 2016
Location of sighting: Port of Dalian, Northeast China.
Source: CCTV China

These flying buildings were seen over the ocean at Port of Dalian, China. There is nothing out there but water, yet these buildings hover in the distance, clearly sinking down from the sky into the ocean. Did aliens construct a mothership that looks just like a Chinese city? Probably not, but I will tell you this, its a reflection off of a cloaked mothership. Yes, sometimes the cloak of a UFO can reflect like a mirror, and here it is doing just that. I have seen a UFO in the blue sky near a white cloud, but the UFO looked white, because its cloak was reflecting the color of the cloud. Mystery solved. Humans 1, aliens 0.
Scott C. Waring

CCTV China News states:
A stunning mirage depicting a group of buildings was seen above the sea along the port of Dalian in northeast China’s Liaoning Province on Friday. Seen from the land, it appeared as though the buildings were looming in the fog, resembling a fairy city on the sea. Take a look at this splendid scene.

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  1. I was just watchin the 200 lights in the sky with you and tried to post a comment and when I came back the story I was witnessing with you I can no longer find the comment is gone too, at the moment

  2. Get on a boat sometime and sail out to sea. On a warm day the heat will refract the light and other ships and objects will appear to float in the sky. This is nothing new and is a well documented and easily explained phenomenon.

  3. Chemtrail imagery at work. I think happens in maryland on a daily basis. Except it's faces, not buildings. It's chemtrail holographic imaging.

  4. Yes a reflection from a very large cloaked mother ship sounds plausable to me too Scott, your suns light ray reflections eminating from the city below reflects from some crafts cloaking envelopes depending on the suns rays angler positioning on the cloaked craft that im reckonin...

    There are numerous extraterrestrial civilizations out there i feel thats possibly type 1-2 class as Mr M Kaku may suggest where ofcourse there tech would be more advance than ours by quantum leaps & bounds, however there still prone to technical glitches like anything else, so i guess if your those world size beings thats diving into & out of those suns all day then hell, you must be in the type 3-4 or above sentient god like range where if you wanted invisibility then aint no way in hell youd be seen by any mortal technical means, & why you may ask & id indicate that these type of sun divin beings is beyond the "Carbon Based Life forms" or CBLF type of life form or i,g. any kind of physical or living matter as we YOU know of 2day on earth UC...

    & a side note is that CBLF's is a nice alternative instrumental music band because there music style imo is story telling good, its like listening to good paintings imo.

  5. A well-documented phenomenon. If you take 5 seconds to actually research things instead of instantly assuming they are alien you might save yourself the embarrassment.

    Alien city.

    Jesus christ you are a child.

    1. No no Mr Dougherty, if you reread Scotts statement, he indicates that sometimes "the cloak of the UFO acts as a mirror" so apparently at certain sunlight angler posistions, including the reflection & refraction of light waves onto the city below, it will inturn refract those light waves back up onto the cloak that envelopes the ET space craft itself to give the illusion of a floating city from a distance...

      Btw Mr D, hows my grammer im reckonin.

  6. Why so mean spirited Mr Dougherty?? Sheesh!

  7. Our history is a constant turnover of vast information that is filtered by the powers to be and curtaintailed to fit any first year Arceologist on the dig.

    Our account of who and where we came from is considered academic blasphemy and heresay tru the church. However, Contact has been established long ago.
    The sun will set on Charles Darwin.
    Indigenous Knowledge.


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