Pilot Sees UFO Over Mexico City On March 13, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 13, 2016
Location of sighting: Mexico

Last week a Mexican Air Force pilot took a video of a UFO sighting in Mexico City. Captain Carlos Rodriguez reported a UFO on the evening of 13 March 2016. The sighting took place in the Aqueduct of Guadalupe area north of Mexico City. Captain Carlos has recorded as many as 6 UFO videos in the suburbs of Mexico City. You can see a UFO that changes color, moves in a zig-zag, left and right, flying low over the entire area between the Cerro del Tenayo and Chiquihuite. Then the object rises vertically into the sky and approaching an airliner that was passing at the time directed towards the international airport of Mexico City.  The pilot who witnessed the sighting, said the following: "It was around 22:00 when the witness called my cell phone to let me know what was happening in the sky, never imagining that the phenomenon would continue even for several minutes." Clearly this needs further investigation.
Scott C. Waring


  1. I believe him, especially if hes making routine flight runs in Mexican air space nowadays, tho personally i do thk that the Mexican gov is aware of these sightings, & choose to do not much if anything about them including investigation attempts except from either private UFO research groups thats there, & or U.S. covert arial phenomena retrieval team specialist, thatll come in to grab these devices w/ even the Mexican gov's knowledge, & would immediately remove those crashed & or abandoned extraterrestrial craft thats not only on mexico territories, but also these teams will go under orders of the SecGov ofcourse, will go anywhere in YOUR WORLD where these vehicals can easily by there technical means be retrieved away from potential curious pub masses minds & eyes, especially if those abandoned or crashed vehicals are near a easy to obtain earth human population UC.

  2. And why ya ask & its simple, thinking helmets on 3 2 1, oK to leave extraterrestrial foreign craft mtr'ls & or weaponry anywhere on earth were anyone can retrieve them have been a mortal threat to the fathers of NASA, who are the Break Aways, & whos also the Sec/Gov thats hi on the accult pyrimidal structure of things to come on earth, they have not only concerns regarding a bio contamination threat from the ET mtr'ls which is reasonable to understand, however on the other hand, they absolutely cannot fathom the idea of present day earth humanity accidentally getting one scrap of ET crashed or abandoned tech that they know that the multitudes of ingenus full human human beings thats here on present time earth, who just may perhaps can & would be quite able to either understand how to either OPERATE, REPAIR & or MODIFY some of the types of damaged or undamaged found ET tech, & as a result, now brace those control module devices tightly crewmates when i say this, they know that if enough ordanary global technically inclined people acure & utilize this found ET tech to its full potential, then the Sec/Gov & GRB's soon would realize that there house of wet cards would fold very rapidly & possibly even deservingly harshly in this world, is all imo.


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