Did A UFO Dump Beetles By The Millions Over Argentina Beach, March 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 1, 2016
Location of sighting: Mar de Ajo, Argentina 
Source 1: http://www.cuatro.com/noticias/internacional/plaga-insectos-playa-banistas-escarabajos-costa-Mar_de_Ajo-Argentina_0_2140950576.html
Source 2: http://www.tandildiario.com/noticias/Nacionales/130868:4/Invasion-de-escarabajos-en-una-playa-de-la-costa-argentina.html

Is this a sign of bad things to come or is there a more natural explanation? Its hard to say for sure, but objects have been seen to fall from the sky before, littering the ground. Anything from salmon, frogs to spiders have fallen from the skies, and I want to suggest that this could be dumped off from UFOs that were conducting scientific experiments and then when finished, dumped them off, probably changed in some way so that their species will become different in the near future. Only time will tell. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
Bathers who came to the beach off the coast of Mar de Ajo and San Bernardo, in Argentina, seeking a quiet day between the sound of the waves and rays of sun when his peaceful plan became something more suited to a nightmare for those with an aversion to insects as well as an ideal setting for a horror movie. 

Before their eyes, they watched a plague of biblical proportions seized the coast making it a black coat that stretched over several kilometers. Millions of beetles had appeared in place unleashing all kinds of reactions ranging from surprise to panic, also it moved to social networks, where it gained wide circulation. Bathers, before this unusual event began to take snapshots capturing the moment and shared on the network leading to all sorts of hypotheses. For some, as stated Mirror, the event became even considered a bad omen that advances the end of the world is near. Others, meanwhile, suggested that everything could be because an earthquake had hit the area before the invasion. However, the explanation that scientists have offered the event suggests that the beetles, and this particular species, it remains for a period of approximately two years underground and out of it between summer and autumn to procreate. During this cycle, only they live insects about four days, point. Therefore, this event is repeated naturally each year, although surprised by one side to occur in such a massive way, and on the other side to do so between late February and early March instead of January , so the periods are changing and being more later.


  1. meet the beetles, john lennon did see ufo's in newe York ,''close enough to throw a stone at''.

    1. Thats true he did reported noticing it while standing on the roof top of his NY condo, & eventually admitted this event in a autobiography if im correct, & it lead to a quite positive tho to a point a slight obseesion w/ UFO's & a positive impression w/ Lennon too we understand, it must have shown in his music after the fact...

      I also have the impression Anonymous that even in 2days "Space Music including the 70's-80's cosmic Reggae dub music", well imo those musicians in both styles seem to have this what id call a cosmic influnce in there musical arrangement outputs in sound that really seems to cast you into another realm of thought consciousness when listening to those sounds man.

  2. I think that the local scientists are possibly "$ Bought Off", & this beetle abnormality imo is the result of adverse global weather changes on this world Your World that have resulted in creature bio life forms to go out of synchronization w/ your worlds seasonal conditions...

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    Do anyone remember the mid 60's Outer Limits ep called the Zenti Misfits, well it was a bit creepy hell YT that ep.

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