Electricity in Ancient Egypt? Alien Teachings Humans How To Build The Dendara Lightbulb, March 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of Egyptian hieroglyphs: 4,000+ years ago
Location of hieroglyphs: Egypt

The evidence that aliens helped the people of Egypt is visible on the walls of their temples and structures. This Dendara lightbulb is undeniably evidence of aliens mingling with early Egyptians. I understand why an alien may want to work in a temple. If the alien or aliens worked in a temple they would have the power to read peoples minds and make their prays answered. This would make the temple famous fast, but would also help the locals. This species that did this seem to care about humans a lot. Thats a good thing to know, but what species were they, and where were they from.
Scott C. Waring

Strange Mysteries of Youtube states:
Hieroglyphs depict the ancient Egyptians using electricity with a light bulb....but how could electricity have existed over 4000 years ago? In the temple of Dendara, one of the most secretive complexes of ancient Egypt, there lies some fascinating hieroglyphic pictures on the wall...pictures that uncannily point to the egyptians using electricity. Sound impossible? Wait til we take a closer look. The evidence is almost irrefutable. In fact, the ancient Egyptians needed a source of light to create all the hieroglyphs and drawings inside the pyramids and other places. Why weren't they just using torches you ask? Many places are way too small and don't even have a place for smoke to escape. Basically, if they used torches they'd very quickly suffocate to death...whatever room they were in would be filled with smoke. Thus, there was a need of an alternative light source in places that would have been impossible to light with a torch or the sun. Otherwise, many drawings or hieroglyphs wouldn't be where they are now. Let's look at a particular drawing deep in the temple of Dendara - we'll investigate what each piece of the hieroglyphs are depicting.


  1. I have always pondered this question and my question is. Could they have created the hieroglyphs before finishing the pyramid or tombs they were building? It makes sense that they could create the art and then finish the ceilings. Maybe you know this answer. Thank you for all the info you share.

  2. you are morons and frauds. ARe you trying to proove that thousands of scientists who spend hours on books are stupid and you are the truth?
    Only stupid and desperate people believe you. You should go to the court for fraud news.



    1. I usually don't reply to rude comments because it just gives you what you want. But, I felt the need to educate you. This is not a news feed and it has never been presented as one. It is a private web site that Scott shares with us out of the kindness in his heart and so others can share their experiences with like minded people. You do not have to visit this site if it upsets you this much.
      Thank you Scott for putting up with all the naysayers. I truly appreciate all that you do.

    2. Wow..
      I agree with Melissa's reply to Anonymous. That's rude Anonymous. Please consider what you post before you post. Thanks.

    3. Wow..
      I agree with Melissa's reply to Anonymous. That's rude Anonymous. Please consider what you post before you post. Thanks.

    4. Mr/Ms Anonymous, Its Universal Science Physics thats being utilised even on the moon & mars, that is the same science pricipals that your earth scientist use but w/ slight variables tho same pricipals, UC your earths public non SecGov scientist for the most part are prohibited from utilizing & teaching for example principals of Electro Magnetic Feild Propulsion Sys's as a example, & are told & warned by this worlds Sec/Gov & GRB's to utilize Universal Science & Tech in its lowest denominator where its causing more harm than good & exclusively to line there pockets via wall st economic scam conn's from the GRB's, a example is the utilization of volital & toxic proccessed fuel that we all on earth should know is really a backwards transportation tech to date that pollutes YOUR WORLDS atmosphere to inhance the pockets of premier Global Robber Barons such as the Koch Bro's who actively pays off scientist NO SHMIENTIST ill call there bought & sold butts, that literally smears & lies about true scientific results for the payment of a fist full of $ dollas from those GRB's such as those gready & hartless robber barons mentioned who is clearly & ultimately are decieving the pub w/ FAKE SCIENCE for GRB profit motives is all imo.

    5. Dear anonymous, sounds like you are a scientist. And seems like you're frustrated too because looks like u're one of those scientists that high gov and mil powers keep away from the truth and the reality of technologies and of what's really goin on on earth and outside earth too. We're not scientists and we're not throwin sh*t on your work. Unfortunetly most of you are too much close to classical studies and teachments and probably still think we come from apes. In this case all of your category starts looking stupid for real. So as scientist u're supposed to be more openminded than what you showed. Onestly yes, i think that someone should go to court for faking the news and it's not us but all the personnell @ Nasa, all the personnell of Navy and Military that know, all the personnell in the Governement, the personnell and all the scientists from those universities that work and collaborate with Nasa analyzing all the data and the pictures from satellites, probes and rovers. These people are supposed to be persecuted for Betrayal. Anyway, i think that you spent to much time on the wrong books. So come over here everyday and change your point of view, cause it's the future and we don't want u to lose your job!

    6. And Anonymous Antony, if your interested try to find tid bits on the web regarding 2days most pwrfull GRB's such as the Koch Bro's, these individuals are low keyed & highly guarded, David Koch the ringleader of the four had stated that " He wants it all" & including there facination w/ NAZISIM philosophical view points from childhood etc...

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  3. Genuinely an excellent response, thanks Nelissa and thanks Scott.

  4. hi my dad and I saw a ufo march 4 2016 Ocala fla at 9 pm ,it just floated then the lights kept blinking off and on ,I tried to get a video ,but I am trying tonight again


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