Giant Robotic Arm Found On Mars Near Rover, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Nov 27, 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Photo Source: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/181642

This robotic arm was found by Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club of Youtube. I have to admit, this is strange, but we have found large feet with candles, giants, and weapons so to find a arm and hand...yeah it makes sense. After millions of years on the Mars surface, what ever is left had to have been strong. For this arm and had to survive that long either it had to be artificial (robotic) or it had to have incredible DNA manipulation. By this time however, its probably turned to stone from age. Great catch, and makes you wonder...about how big and how amazing life on Mars once was. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Many of the mars images including that area of the this image looks like oxidized metal not stone.

  2. Very very very interesting, now the metalalic alloy composition of this alleged mechanical arm must be extremely resilient to withstand damaging rust & corrosion after eons of time on mars surface w/ out molecular break down to virtually dust im reckoning, including the rest of the different types & assorted automatons that were broken to pieces & scattered in that martian region apparently by some extremely powerful force it seems to me now, & after those global disruptions & flooding that had settled down from the initial forces shock waves just may had a hand in brakeing up most of if not all of those martian machanical structures of various types that perhaps had happened also...

    Notice what seems to be the joint that seperates the hand & arm, & the lower bottom arm section where there seems to be a nicely machined area in the lower section of the mechanical arm, & where theres a circle on the bottom end of the length of it to route & house perhaps pully wiring & or electrical & etc, also that geo location may have a assortment of possibly more ancient martian technological junk burried & scattered around it imo.

    1. As a second thought on your coment regarding that mechanical arm turning to stone, well scott i cannot conceived personally any metal turning to stone or any kind of rock like mtr'l, unless as you had theorized earlyer in another post that some unknown outside force of paralyizing & ill add molecular changing wave of energy ju st may had caused the statue looking after effects of perhaps things & living beings during the supposedly calamity in mars ancient past...

      We all have seen rusted metals, & how they usally oxidize & decompose to a fine metalic dust from time & elemental erosion forces & etc UC.


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