Cylinder UFO Following Space Station, Same UFO That Followed Shuttle Atlantis In 2007, March 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 9, 2016
Location of sighting: Earths orbit at ISS
Source URL: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/live-iss-stream

I enjoy watching the live Internet cam of the space station. Its interesting to view the world from outside of it. As I was watching, I noticed a long cylinder object floating along side and below the space station. Its speed was matched with the ISS, but the object was semi-transparent. Just when I thought it was about to come into focus, the screen went blue. Thats what happens when NASA catches a UFO on cam, they cut the feed for a few minutes. I did get a shot video of it. Please tell me your thoughts. 

It reminds me of the cylinder UFO and orbs seen on world wide CNN back in 2006 near the space shuttle atlantis long ago, which was also followed by 5-10 grey metal orbs

Scot C. Waring


  1. If you listen to the ground control lady you will hear what this is - it is the external fuel tank that separated from the orbiter allowing the Atlantis space shuttle to accelerate into earth's orbit. The fuel tank burns up in the atmosphere upon re-entry!

  2. been there ,seen that.. the submarine shape ufo is what you cal that...saw that one day way in thedistance on a clear day...was stationary then gradually starte moving left until somr trees blocked your view. cylinder shape may be called a signal to earth that aliens are present...otherwise they might have just made an orb...they want you to see craft shaped ufo so you will get the mjessage that they aren't just a bunch of weird orbs or lights.

  3. The cylinder UFO design can & do act as submarine base stations on worlds w/ large bodies of deep water i may ad, & i surmise that most are intergalactic carrier vessels also...

    The benevolents that LIVE & VISIT here i feel are watching this worlds elite 1% go thru there world hateing psychosis & dealings w/ the malevolent beings to see that that 1% do not carry out there planed global nuclear genocide, theft & escape from earths humanity w/ the help of those potentially back stabbing malevolent beings that they get advance tech from to do ourselves in in YOUR WORLDS present time frame existance, & i feel a secret space war is currently happening between the two groups of beings, & what we understand now is that the malevolent beings & there earth SecGov host time is gradually running out w/ increasing casualty rates mounting on the malevolent side of the fence, & that im happy to say & feel in this time now which seems like a good thing for earths inocent masses & YOUR WORLDS safety & physical well being from those evil basterds.

  4. See starting 28th second only 4 secs or so bright object coming from the bottom left. Real?

  5. That one in the lower right corner might be a legit ufo, BUT the other one is a fuel tank as mentioned in the video and the comments

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