UFO Hovering Over Ocean Near Tiny Island Of Mauritius, March 13, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 13, 2016
Location of sighting: Mauritius island, East Africa

Strangely enough this is at the most secluded place on earth,  far out in the ocean on a tiny island of Mauritius, east of the island of Madagascar. A UFO coming out of the ocean here has to be coming from an underwater base. There are been a lot of mysterious discoveries around South Africa in the last few months, very odd since this area is usually cold for UFO activity. It hasn't been this hot since 4 years ago. With the UFOs here, fragments of MH370 found here this week and Google Earth MH370 wreak off Cape of Good Hope, somethings happening here. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
March 13, 2016 at 18.55h at sunset, my wife and I were on the balcony of our house in Mauritius, a volcanic island nation in the Indian Ocean when my wife said, "I think that 'there is something strange in the sky over the sea. I took my phone to film a strange object that seems to be hidden in the clouds.


  1. Very very very interesting, if i was a Ah Hum, peaceful ET id pick quiet low keyed, & romantic locations on earth near energy grids naturally to hide around myself, hell unless there were perhaps special instructions from above to in cloaked form observe & monitor continuous neg vibed war zone activity & OR perhaps monitor nuclear sites located near & on locations of interest in earths present geo physically formed locales dwn here, however those more peaceful & quiter & less seismic prone locations of earth is more than likely more desirable for a "stationed benevolent ET group" RIGHT!, now if your a Good Guy benevolent ET such as that lovable uncle from mars on the 60's CBS TV series titled "My Favorite Martian", who always hid his silver shinney corvett looking anti grav UFO in his earth born nephews garage, then you dont really want to much pub contact fanfare in this psychotic, murderous, greedy & controlling global elites wreckless & terrorist propaganda FF threatning time on earth that is YOUR WORLD & not the elites at least for the time being, so you may need to feel a earth human out 1st thats special, but regardless a benevolent ET observation party OR humanoid looking ET individual must use extreme caution nowadays on earth because some of those back stabin malevolent TW's & Luna Lizard folks working for this worlds SG weapons & advance areo tech div's the globe over would imo sell them out to the SG thats also a neg factor against the benevolent earth based ET's, & i personally feel that possibly most if not all of the benevolents work down here nowadays may be highly clandestine UC.

    1. As a kid i was more interested & quite fascinated in trying to catch epepisodes involving uncle martins cool looking space corvett looking silver stubbed winged bubble conapy toped space ship, that stood on tri pod stilts, one under the pilots fusalage section, & two in the rear that balanced it off the ground i recall, it did not have wheels on the tri pod stilts either, & he made extra extra doggone sure no one but his nephew knew the craft was hidden in that garage, & he had a uncanny technique when he senses trouble to raise his two antennas then would turn invisable where you would not see him, tho i recall a nosey neighbor lady who was allways questioning what was in that garage UC...

      A fascinating, funny & original 60's TV ET contact show for its time in america that i can recall now thk'ing in retrospect.

    2. But wait wait Scott & fellow crewmates, after Googleing My "Favorite Martians Space Ship" out of curiosity, because its been several decades since i recalled that show in detail, & so after uploading the images, i immediately reconized it as not quite as i discribed, tho now i do reconize more of it as when i was a kid to have no bubble plex glass top, but instead a rear raised & inclosed conopy section that was all the same metalic mtr'l as the whole ship w/ ofcourse the 3 tri positioned landing stilts on its bottom, w/ a long fusaloge from the rear conopy of the space craft, & w/ a more flat somwhat nerrow sting ray design, but no stubby wing protrusions on its hull design either, tho still very interesting for a 60's TV ET scout vehical imo.

  2. Expect arriving ET groups to be moving around more often now & not to stationary as in the past, including those exitsing groups of earth born beings thats been living deep under water & deep under ground for who knows how many thousands of earth yr time that also may be randomly moving in & around the earth more so these days than in the past also, & who now have to continusly find new pwr grid rich earth territorial regions in YOUR WORLD which is also some of theres too lets not forget when geo physical formations start to rearange gradually istead of rapidly thank heavens, & being this gradual happening phenomena is naturally by physical reaction, are literally moving earth regions natural energie grid locales that can be tapped into, tho at least TEMPORARILY due to earths gradual land mass shifting above & bellow ground UC.


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