UFO Over Mountain Neighborhood In Utah, March 6, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 6, 2016
Location of sighting: Eagle Mountain, Utah, USA
News source: MUFON #75033

Tis UFO is tilted at a 45 degree angle, which is what Bob Lazar has said a UFO must do in order to move. Also, this object looks different in the fact its not a perfect disk, but a block-like disk. Amazing catch and compounded by the fact that the person was trying to contact aliens though meditation...this is just awesome. Proof meditation or focused thought works. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
The night before this event I had been meditating and attempting to contact E.T. life through CE-5 protocols as I have done in the past. I caught a possible orb the night before but this is a motion activated camera. Within 0.3 seconds it shoots off a 3 round burst. The second picture has an object not located in number one and three. I believe I set the camera off myself when I went to get it from the spot I have it mounted in my backyard. Pay attention to the time on this camera as it never moves even so much as a second forward. The fourth picture is an edited version of number two so it can bring out the object if you can not spot it beforehand.


  1. that pilots voice sounds really scared on his sighting of large orange square ,on ufosnw.com. its a very clear transmission ,you can hear in pilots voice that he never seen ufos we are all seeing and he is concerned. maybe time to tell airlines about ufo's and n othing to worry about but how can you not worry? we don't know what their plans are but you can see authorities like pilots still don't get the ufo phenomena. btw didn't really realize that alien teleported bike cart across street in china video. thought the boy at bottom of screen was bike rider but realized the bike cart was across street. boy emerging at bottom of screen is distracting and made you not realize that bike cart was ''teleported''!! that's clear evidence that aliens can indeed teleport objects and people or anything.now, teleport me some funding!

  2. wow,maybe ''orbs'' are teleporter vortexes!! look at china ufo rickshaw video. notice keep repeating scene you see that flash of light like orb emerges and alien and rickshaw are standing where orb like flash of light was. are orange orbs really vortexes or the entities have ''vortex power'' and they are really travelers that don't need spaceships and the like?

  3. Oh yeah, these guys. If you people wanna know what their actually doing is!!!!! Get ready!!!!!!_a flight training sequence! These people and they are people (actually are called flyers) in a training sequence. You don't know that the alien race and the humans have teamed up to anillate the all this stuff flying in from outer space. Bit if you really wanna know what the actual secret is in the alien world is their trying to stop the alienoids on the planet from using their superior technoogly on the average human from dying. You people don't know what their doing. You really don't understand the other side of things.


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