UFO Sightings At Twin Towers Recorded During 911 Incident, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Sept 11, 2001
Location of sighting: New York, New York, USA

Someone made a recent video about the UFOs seen during the 911 incident. This is nothing new, but it is interesting. People knew about the UFOs soon after 911, but most ignored it, due to the severe loss of lives. Did aliens cause the 911 attacks? Only if they were working with US government so that a war could be started, giving the US a foothold on the other side of the planet and the odds of this are so minuscule it probably shouldn't even be considered. Did aliens cause the 911 to take place through mind manipulation? Hmmmm...it is possible, but I hope not. There are groups of aliens that are here to profit, not to help. The Friendship case in Rocca Pia, Italy said this group is called the CTR...which also happens to be a ring the Mormons often wear to symbolize mean Choose The Right. So, was the church founded by aliens...makes sense, because its the fastest way to a big profit. 

Often UFOs are seen during tragic events, because they are monitoring the events, even predicting them to happen and want to witness humans at their worst and at their best during these moments. Why? So they can learn about humanity, understand us more, and even come to a conclusion if we are to dangerous or not to meet. 
Scott C. Waring

Alien Technology Discovered On Mars by Spirit Rover in 13 photos! UFO Sighting News.


  1. I sincerely hope Alians were not only involved in this tragic event but are not here (if here) to profit as this would make them no different to us!, and I live in hope that they are different and will at some point intervene and put us on the right path, I agree though that if I were them I would not show my selves as we all know what our first response would be !!!

  2. The twin towers were blown by cruise missiles watch September clues on you tube

  3. Yeah.. Have seen these findings from different angles and postings,even one that swooshed by right in front of helicopter camera filming this tragedy. I wonder what their interest was.

  4. There were two that day, I still have it on video tape. And the first people jumping :( . After careful meticulous. study I must admit there were no planes. Even on my video tape of the today shows footage, I see the edit mark as the plane "exits" the other side before vanishing due to live editing program.. It convinced the world but they made many mistakes.

  5. Scoot I Think Twin Towers Many Have Conspiracy About Muslim And Many Edited Video

  6. jus stains send me video if u can, either through here or martinsalas310@gmail.com

  7. The most frightening & disturding theory ive heard rumour about of recent Scott & fellow crew, is that Directed Energy Weaponry was possibly directed at the towers from above, to which now i would consider as possibly plausible, including the explosives theory that some feel was planted strategically on the framing structures of the twin towers & bldg 7 also...

    One thing for sure, be it the global conspiritors had malevolent help from above, or did it by there mortal selves, they did accomplish what they set out to do in the middle east via there late 90's PNAC or "Project for A New American Century" prog meetings that the global neocons had structured & agreed appon, as the more enlightened here may realize, is that they accomplished the deliberate & strategic genocide, vast mid eastern military expansion, oil mineral plunder & etc, against the primarily targeted islamist oil rich regions in that region of the world, whos YOUR WORLD that your presently sharing & standin on too, & which of course resulted in millions of middle eastern refugees now looking for homes thru out ill say again YOUR WORLD too including theres that they once had to live w/ out fear in, & & & ill ad that once some of ya become a " Trans Humanist Marionette" that ya dream of doing like some wannabe instant Borg ET being from ST, well i guess some SecGov/GRB corp org will be pullin ya strings were you wont be able to move & think freely for yourself sometimes or how about most of the time where you at critical moments in your wired lives ya wont be able to even do anything reasonably & deductively anymore in some or most cases, LIKE A DANGLING PUPPET or a human vr of a Marrionet UC danglin just a dangling on on you carriers frequencie wavelenghts UNTIL YOU PAY UP ON TIME EVERYTIME, & thats one way among numerous via remote control ways that they would "pun intended" Pull Your Strings until ya say OUCH! & pay to ease that freq pain in the ears or wherever on your body they may target UC...

    That Global Robber Baron is going Hi Tech on robbing any one of us thats not in the Know UC, & i sense the global populace that the SecGov/GRB cant control, well to be frank i think those posessed & scandalous basterds are possibly planning on killing those brave humans off UC.

  8. ffs I love this site and now I think with videos like this wtf u people on u f-ing retards. There is proof that terrorists went on flying lessons and we know they were flying the plane, we have seen the vids of them boarding the plane that eventually crashed into the towers. But ofcourse, blame Israel because like the guy said in the video, Israel & America control the aliens. What the actual f... how the F... can u believe this are you absolute morons?
    Its simple, terrorists (like we've seen in Paris & a few days ago in Brussels) are causing these horrible atrocities, I suppose aliens did those attacks too.
    Wake up - these terrorists are the problem, Israel is not the problem, and Spencer Smith, the towers were not blown by cruise missiles you absolute idiot. Its people like you that just love trying to prove the truth isn't the truth and love a conspiracy.
    However, do I think ufo's were their watching everything, probably in shock because they cannot believe how humans kill one another in the name of religion and greed, over nothing that makes any sense.
    If you guys know anything, and have any brains, you will realise the world wouldn't have all most of the technology we use if it wasn't for Israel, they are the most incredible country surrounded by other countries that want to wipe them off the plain of the earth. The reason they have attacked other countries is only because they were attacked first, and unfortunately many innocent & young people die, because the terrorists put them in the areas Israel will hit, hence mass innocent lives lost, to make Israel look like the enemy.
    Wake up!! Aliens didn't cause 9/11, the terrorists did! And we still have the same problem today - I wish we had world peace, but I cannot see it ever happening, not until we are long gone, and in about a 1000 years++!

    1. I support your comment Mr Stewart. Although I do believe UFOs were roaming through this tragic event...PURPOSE? UNKNOWN

    2. nova - I agree, though with CGI so advanced now, and people can perform this from home computers, its not 100% definitive. But I agree with you, I think ufo's (aliens) were their or defo watching. I mean from the skies they would have seen such a massive fire blaze it would of sent shock waves throughout the universe, they defo have the technology to see from near or afar. But, with their knowledge they may have even known this was going to happen, but that means they can predict the future, again I and all of us don't know this for sure.
      But the comments above saying there were no planes. Wow has the human race and 'selfie age' become the thickest planet on earth? So all those videos that people filmed of planes crashing into the towers on their mobile phones/vid cameras from other buildings were just fake? the fact im writing this makes me think what the actual F...! Also, the people that so sadly lost families on that flight, what their families were not on that flight and they all just vanished, all the same people that were on the same flight? like wtf!!
      I agree conspiracy's happen, of course, but this is simple. We have crazy terrorists in this world, who seem to plan the whole time more awful things, these guys planned this. It was one of the most awful days of humanity, but please don't give credit to them, that they didn't do it or think it was anyone other than terrorists.
      As said, go to Israel, they are one of the safest countries in the world (in terms of the people) we wouldn't have hardly any of the technology in this world if it wasn't for that country, just makes me laugh how they get such a bad name.
      Ill say this now, if we had no Israel in this world we would be in major trouble, like major trouble. Do your research on how important they are, then look at the countries around them and what they bring to the table in terms of technology. Don't believe the media, do your research, they are an insanely incredible country! But like any country when you are attacked by fanatics, what you meant do just sit there and let it happen? no of course not, you retaliate.
      Look at old photos of what Iraq/Afghanistan & Syria used to be like back in the 60s 70s & 80s, woman were allowed to wear short skirts, showed their faces, could party, could drink, could live life like us and have fun, you go there today, well do I need to explain...
      Its such a sad state of affairs. I pray for peace on earth. That the world could live in peace and get on.
      As said before, I love this website, its amazing, but do I think we will ever find out the real truth about aliens? nope! one day but not in our lifetime. Only the top high end powers/astronauts/officials/scientists etc know, but the public? how could we live with them when we have people that kill other humans. Its such a shame, I do hope im wrong, I honestly do, but right now we should be living on free energy, and travelling through the stars, yet we still pay for oil/fuels electricity etc its mental.
      One day lets hope their is peace, I don't care if anyone disagrees with me, but the truth is simple, terrorists caused 9/11! were aliens their? yes probably, but I believe they witnessed nothing more than complete shock, esp watching people jumping out of windows to their death, the whole thing is so sickening.
      Here's to peace & love!
      Its a shame the aliens cant sort out the terrorist problem,

  9. Gee..! This is a very sensitive matter..(911)..what ever or whom ever is responsible,will never b known. All we have are theories..puzzling huh?.. For whatever it's worth...I side for ufos.I think they mean well for humanity.

    1. Who ever & what ever is allready known now Ms nova**, & another 911 hearing wont start again, so just do Non Discriminatory Reserarch & use Deductive Logic in your research analysis other than from those main propaganda outlets such as the Fox News Nitwitt channel, Chicken Noddle News, & etc thats been bought & sold by the very same Global Robber Barons whose connected in this new global Crises Managment Society w/ the Sec/Gov behind the scenes, that when you "look at who benefited from 911" would ya be able to handle THAT TRUTH just indicated in YOUR WORLDS That theyve created Ms nova** & Mr D Steward, so just remember those PNAC conspiritors whos in fact are really responsible for this atrocity imo, & realize that these posessed humans in PNAC at the time saw the populous of this world that your presently stadin on as EXPENDABLE & more than likely still do, so go research 911 again more critically & again w/ out prejudice, & observe again there continuing FF ops to this very day that they seem to cant stop doing, touchy subject my ass because this effects every innocent U.S. citizen including your freedoms as a american, or just give in & become a Trans Human which theyd love all of earths humanity to become so that they have total control w/ YOUR PERMISION that momment you signed that human telecomm contract, so where they now can wire your butts to the web & pull your carrier wave strings so that youll by into there BS propaganda & lies that they plan on doing to the innocent masses & there worlds w/ out anymore collateral damaging False Flag Ops that theyve perfected into a science, & to be frank about this 911 issue, i am not stupidly weak minded as to believe that a lone pack of who in reality are Sec/Gov sponsored FRIGGIN TERRORISTS patsy front men whom was selected from oil conn corrupted royal family assets from Saudi Arabia to make it look like they pulled the 911 event off, & dont think that the zionist controled right wing lakud party in Israel did not have prior knowledge of the event either, so no im not buyin into the global BS lie & NEVER DID either...

      Yes Ms nova**, you must also understand that there are good & bad ET's out there too like anywhere else simply put, & not all are nice & fuzzy adorable like the being on the movie ET either, so please dont forget.

  10. Surely by now we know that 911 was an inside job. And i do believe that an off world species are helping our government with advance technology to pull off this heinous event. People are still dying an its been over a decade since that tragic day. It was and is the best false flag our government ever accomplished. So, no Daniel Stewart...aliens didnt do the deed but they may have assisted. Until Full disclosure we will never know the full truth. However soon we will be enlighten

  11. Well spoken, all the non believers & those dont want to believers would need to deduce after the event is "Who Benefited", as shocking as this question seems to some of you, so who benifited among many including elements in wall st are those two murderous & controling basterds in the mid east such as the currupt saudi royal families & those world hating right wing zionist in the Israeli lakud party whom stolen the Israeli gov from the secular Israeli people for several or more yrs now, to have the U.S. tax payer knee deep in there created bullshit in the middle east, then beg americans for billions of your tax dollars for military aid, plus the U.S. military expansion in the regions there, & now as a result of this chaos & genocide, millions of homeless middle eastern people are now trying to find a safe home now, & at the same time the global elite controled media spin propaganda machine not to mention western False Flag ops specialist blowin up liberal france & dont be surprised the rest of the EU soon, & if possibly even soon to come the U.S. to cause even more anti islamist propaganda & evisceration of your freedoms & chaos here to boot as a example, & the FF's is done to ultimately change the mostly liberal french & worlds pubs opinions & attitude towards a illogical right wing hatred mentality towards mid eastern refugees & islamic people i,g., & by manipulation via entrapment by utilizing uknowing young mid eastern st thugs in france & europe as patsys, & as a result a Psy Ops excuse to create these negative situations to ultimately cause excelerated global hatred against those very people made homeless thru western forces middle eastern DESTABILIZATION PROG"s created by PNAC in the late 90's to ultimately take over oil rich Islamic regions nation by nation in the middle east via hook or by crook that these hartless SoB's felt they wanted to do to have a upper global strategic mineral & military position hand against russia & china, & ya know what, those possed PNAC basterds accomplished it didnt they at least so far, & as of now dont seem to want to stop the chaotic FF ops until they kill, mame, scare & steal it all material from the global pub hands & reach...

    So now deduce who among many on YOUR WORLD have benifited in the long run
    from this grave PNAC created 911 FF op that murderd millions of inocents along the way.

    1. Ok.. X-15..I appreciate your view..thanx for your input.

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