Alien-like creature found in mans yard in Arizona, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: 2016
Location of discovery: Arizona, USA

This is a strange creature. If it had been found in Chernobyl I would defiantly know its cause, but Arizona? If this mutation was caused by radiation, then the place in Arizona that found this is in a lot of danger. 

It looks like a human-alien hybrid and has flippers to boot. Whatever the creature is, one thing is clear, its an infant. True evidence of genetic manipulation gone wrong. This has many similarities to the alien found back in India in 2015. 

Click here to view that India post, Human-like creature found during excavation in Jodhpur, India July 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
I was contacted not long ago by a man from Arizona who said he had found a very strange creature in his yard. He told me it looked like it had gills under the head and that something was "growing out of it's head like a flesh antennae!" He was spooked by it and said that he believed this belong with me at the Freakshow. I told him that I would love to see it and I gave him my email. I thought he would send photos, but he never did. A few weeks later, a box showed up at the Freakshow with the creature in a jar of alcohol. This is the creature he told me about and it is STRANGER than I could have imagined……it is truly the Most Alien Creature I have ever seen in my life. Let me know what you think it is…..it is a mystery to everyone who sees it in person.


  1. Makes me wonder if it's abandoned on purpose or somehow crawled it's way from it's environment underneath...? Any prints left behind?

    1. Hmmmm...good question. Not sure, I will ask him in a minute.

  2. Replies
    1. Strange, but interesting. It could be. It does have the big eyes and these tiny wing like fins.

    2. What you are calling wings look more like ears. Im wondering if it is a puppy or a pig or something similar with hydrocephalus or some type of birth defect. Are they going to do any type of dna screening or do they know what it is and want to push thd hype? Please keep us updated. Thank you

  3. The way the face comes out of the hood, makes it look like its in some kind of organic suit. I assume non organic would have been mentioned.

  4. I wont sleep tonight! That is creepy. Surely someone would of wanted some sort of autopsy from such a strange creature? Or XRay it at least

  5. Was it dead when the guy in Arizona found it?? Or did he kill it and put it in that jar? And why did he send it to a freak show instead of calling any scientists or authorities? Not that I'm glad he didn't call the authorities cuz they probably would've confiscated it and told him never to talk about it haha, but still- this should've been reported on the news so the public would know about it. Thanks Scott for making this discovery available to the general public now! And it is definitely not an owl lol.

  6. Get this to Steve ASAP and see what to do next.

  7. Embryo of an elephant for sure.


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