Two Human-like Faces Found On Mars With Google Earth, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: April 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
Google Mars Coordinates: 10°12'53.08"N 157° 9'51.54"E

These are some great faces along a ridge in Mars. An Argentine researcher Marcelo Iranzusta sent this into me and its just mind blowing. The first face is looking left, the second smaller face is looking right. 

Why are faces important? They tell us what that particular species looks like. These two have similar facial features to humans...a nose, chin, two eyes, forehead, two nostrils, mouth under nose...protruding eyebrow ridge. What more could you ask for?
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
TWO FACES CARVED IN ROCK Mars were discovered by Argentine researcher Marcelo Irazusta. This interesting finding adds to other similar that are being discovered by leading researchers on the planet Mars. The faces have an area of approximately 26 meters in length and Google Mars coordinates to locate are: 10° 12'.53.13 "N 157 ° 9'51.53" E 

DOS ROSTROS TALLADOS EN LA ROCA DE Marte fueron descubiertos por el investigador argentino, Marcelo Irazusta. Este interesante hallazgo se suma a otros parecidos que estan siendo descubiertos por importantes investigadores del planeta Marte. Los rostros tienen una superficie aproximada de 26 metros de longitud y las coordenadas de Google Mars para ubicarlas son: 10°12'.53.13"N 157°9'51.53"E


  1. Could you please explain why all the "faces" you find are on edges of rock formations or in random mountain rubble every single time?

    Could it be that every single rocky planet we have seen, including earth, has rocks that look like faces?

    Please address this. Why are the rocks on Mars faces, but on every other planet, even EARTH, the faces are just rocks?

    I'm beyond positive you can not answer this question due to your amatuer skills and limited cognitive perception.

  2. You say "what more can you ask for?".

    Here's a list.

    Logic. Reason. Evidence. Proof. Accountability. Integrity.

    You offer none of these things. Nit once have I seen a report on this blog featuring those characteristics. You just proclaim things to be factual or true when you have absolutely no way of knowing or proving. Completely amatuerish.

  3. Hi Scott. Thank you very much for posting this video. I send the last discovery really is very powerful. The image of what is popularly believed Satan on Mars. If you want you can post it on your website. It really is incredible.

    The Argentine researcher Marcelo Irazusta, as on other occasions has found a new face on the surface of Mars. The image turns out to be very similar to the popular description of the face of Satan. Your clarity leaves no doubts. well proportioned eyes, nose, mouth and one of his ears and his typical horns, plus a third eye. The perfect distribution of each of its parts in an area of ​​almost 2 km make it a humanlike image. Could it be coincidence? or are we looking at evidence of extraterrestrial civilization?
    The coordinates for viewing on Google Mars are:
    46 ° 14'12.77 "N 80 ° 16'47.24" W
    If that were not enough, a few kilometers and within the same crater, it is the image of a snake. (Animal that represents the devil in the Old Testament)
    A real find which surprise those who are convinced or not of the existence of other civilizations

  4. In some regions of mars back in its ancient day, there may have been regions where youd not want to be stuck in.


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