Biggest collection of Australian UFO files to be released May 1st 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of event: May 1, 2016
Location of event: Australia
Source: https://www.facebook.com/ufosaustralia

This is fantastic news. UFOaustralia site (not up yet) has been gathering UFO gov reports and getting them ready online for readers to go through them. These reports are very important, because it shows that the government in Australia was taking the matter seriously, meaning...they know that aliens exist. Not all UFO reports turn out to be UFOs, but are often other things. 

So, how to tell what reports are real or not? 
1. The more detail in the report, the easier it is to decide if its real or not.
2. Photos or video help tremendously. 
3. Eyewitness professions/jobs.
4. Movement of the UFO. (Very important)
5. Number of witnesses, the more the bigger chance its real.
6. The more blacked out lines (sentences covered up with black marker) the bigger the chance of it being real.
7. If photos were mentioned, but mission from the report, its probably real. Gov will often destroy before releasing document.

Scott C. Waring

News states:
Queensland UFO Sightings And Research are about to release the biggest collection of official Australian UFO files ever. The files contain official documents from the RAAF, The Department of Air, The Navy and more. The files contain testimony, photographs, newspaper scans, official reports and patents. The full 1.7GB download will be available to the public via our website on May 1st 2016. You might see some familiar names.


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  2. Scott, please start proofreading your posts. There are so many grammatical errors, misspelled words, or you used the wrong word entirely. It makes reading your posts very difficult. Also, it is not a once in a while thing, it is on almost every post.

    For example, this excerpt is from this post: "7. If photos were mentioned, but mission from the report, its probably real." See what I mean? This message is intended for you only, you don't have to post this. I just want but you know the difficulty that I have, so you can help me to read your site. I'm sure plenty of others have the same difficulty.

    Thanks again for all that you do Scott!

  3. Sounds great doesn't it :) one problem, I released a post that around the start of the year the Government (or the military section u never hear about) put out a press release that they have destroyed at least 90% of true military information... I wasn't sure if it was true at the time but as I looked for known historical facts released by Australian government in the past, I could not find any information regarding well known stories I have grown up with... This feels like a "Panama papers" detour. (Panama papers were released by George sorts to take attention away from that little known address in America where over 3500 "she'll companies " including over 900 of the clintons and over 800 separate companies of trumps are connected " but this is another topic... I will find out as soon as we can view this Aussie site properly.. ///// I sent you a recent msg asking about the moon not being in Aussie skies last night.. If you haven't seen it yet.. Something funny is really happening here atm!! Our moon did not appear until 10:30 at night! Nobody here could find it in a crystal clear sky. And suddenly it was spotted at 10:26 pm and sitting at the lowest point in the sky I have ever witnessed.... I thought I was imagining things until people started asking me what was going on, as you'll see the fakebook timestamp scott, was when I asked you if you could find anything out mate? But I shit you not.. We had NO moon for over 4 hours of due arrival... If u have any Aussie contacts it would be good to hear what they say. :) good post but we will find out soon... As always ROCK ON.

  4. 1-7 gig is big but nowhere near as big as it should be, (that's only about 5000 pages)

  5. Scott, over the extended time I have been following your work, there have been some errors. I try to drop a comment every few days, so you know I am interested, and still following. I am astounded at the sheer volume of ground you cover. Will typos crop up, of course. Especially if there is an auto correct activated. Even in the few messages I send, after posting I notice I have typos too. I try very hard to be careful, but I am an enormous person and have big thumbs! I have never had a problem understanding what you write, and I remember you teach full time too. I dont know how you keep up, but your thirst for truth and disclosure is obvious.

    1. Hey thanks Gregory. Yeah I make mistakes, yes I am an English teacher, and yes, I just don't care much about me making mistakes. I will leave it to future AI to be perfect. I am teaching 8-12hours a day here in Taiwan, so I am always in a rush. I'm not CNN or NBC, who have proofreaders correcting everything before it goes out. Its only one person, just me. So I am sorry to anyone if I enjoy writing this way, but its who I am. Imperfect, but striving to learn about aliens.


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