Evidence of giant aliens race found mingling with Native Americans, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: April 12, 2016
Location of pipe: North Carolina, USA

There are actually dozens of reports about contact or witnessing giant aliens (Friendship case, Rocca Pia) and even tiny 3cm tall aliens (Apollo 20 testimony by William Rutledge).  There is also a powerful group on this planet that tries to prevent the discovery of such evidence by stealing it and making it disappear, so says records of almost all giant skeletons found around the world and in America. 
Scott C. Waring

LA Marzulli of Youtube states:
I was recently in Burnsville North Carolina speaking at a conference there. My host, Emily took to me to father's and uncle's store, Rings and Things and what they brought out from the back room was simply astonishing. IN this video you will see a very large pipe. Is it ceremonial as some main-stream anthropologist will insist, or does this pipe point to the veracity of the Native American Oral tradition which tells us Giants once roamed the land. Come with me as we explore what may be a Nephilim Artifact, with a special appearance by Chied Joseph Riverwind and Dr. Lauralynn Riverwind.


  1. That's Chief Smoke'um Big Bowl's pipe!

  2. That's Chief Smoke'um Big Bowl's pipe!

  3. Dont believe this is a ceremonial smoking pipe , but a conduit used
    for construction type structure. not a pipe.

    1. Yes thats one of the impressions that i get too Mr N Rapin, or perhaps its maybe piping from a piece of presurized principaled machinery also, & why not the researchers of it have a alloy composition test to be made on this what seems to be a deliberate intelligently designed & machined elbo pipe for some NON PIPE SMOKING usage its designed for, but for perhaps instead designed for conduit & OR pressurized mechanical usage that it seems to look more like from a X aerospace & now retired machinist perspective, other than a weired shaped smokin pipe for heavens sake as some commenters would like to reason.

  4. Im thinking now that those giants after being Casted Down to earth there tech were quite possibly striped away from them by there higher superiors from above & beyond for some reason or another, & thru generations living on earth survival those cast downed giants had thru time had lost there advance tech capabilities & mental scientific faculties & high cognitive abilities, & thru those earth resided gens, they had regressed into primitive but naturally very huge earth born humaniod beings averaging several meters in height imo UC.

  5. Thats true Scott, there do seem to be a MIB type of org that absolutely don't want earths humanity to learn more about those giant humanoids, & when archeologists find these anomalies they seem to mysteriously vanish in a number of cases strange as it seems...

    Im thk'ing also "Religous Money Makin Paradigms" lost on wall st & the worlds religons & etc that they may fear losing in da mix too perhaps.


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