UFO Over Beach Of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Reported This Week, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Dec 14, 2014, but submitted this week.
Location of sighting: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Source: MUFON #75971

The report came in the week and shows a UFO in the far upper right corner of the photo...don't make me say that twice...focus guys. UFOs are frequently seen over Mexico and are believe to enter underground bases in the mountains and below many of Mexico's volcanos. Even the ancient Aztecs said that the gods entered and left from the mouth of Mexico's volcanos....but we all know those were UFOs.
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
Picture taken in puerto vallarta, mexico in December 2014 during the daylight in between dec 14 to 21. Vacationing at Hilton resort Puerto vallarta. Looked back at picture today April 20th 2016 and noticed strange object in photo. Never noticed it before.


  1. Not a very good picture this could be anything!

  2. Maybe checking out hot earth girl in pool.

  3. Well Scott & Crew, after looking at the top pic over & over & over & over & over & over again, i came to personally realize how picturesque that photo depicting a silver flyin disk/drone/balloon thats seen over the beach in Vallarta Mexico is, hell its so damm beautifull just look at that scene...

    Dont ya just love those kinds of scenes, ok grab those trusty Thinking Helmets because were about to travel thru time & space, & grab your control modules firmly too, but not to tightly because i dont want any man, woman or being here to get physically hurt & in pain & lost in unfocused time attention when your helmet VIEWER visor screens are lowered & activated to VIEW this, ok 3 2 1 lets go....

    With your helmets visor VIEWER screens loward & activated we will try to evision mars in its ancient Zenith thru time, & "w/ out your modern day earth conscious judgements & prejudice paradigms of how a global scociety even looks like or governed" for that matter, ok we & i will VIEW 2gether & in a cosmic mental field of energy thats accumulating on your helmets antennie, will soon realise a chaotic & regional unrulieness among most hybrid races of in particular those Human Animal Hybrid, & Human Reptiodal Hybrid types whom dwells mostly in those restricted underground to above ground swampy, jungle & forested territorial regions of mars ancient Zenith, YOU will also VIEW a highly technocratic socieciety of Full Human Humanoids in the physical image of present day earth humans w/ ofcourse varietys of physical height sizes from cm beings to several meter tall beings, hell could our 4-5 meter tall fuzzy & so called ahhum lovable Big Foot being on present day earth be a kind of Human Animal Hybrid who's genetics just may perhaps originated from mars too, & on the human side of the fence those martian Full Human racial makeups from yellow, tan, black & wht races of ancient martian past like a pack of M&M's in pun just to get a little colorfull here, that is what were seeing on our helmets ahhum VIEWR screen visors are mostly the non cacasion darker races who were most dominat in population of ancient mars, & we can now suspect a genetic linkage to mostly all normal sized humans on earth regardless of the diff mars Full Human races mentioned, thats mostly & primarily have socially & population wise decided to stay away from those potentially dangerously chaotic prior mentioned Human Animal/Reptiodal Hybrid martian beings, tho lets not forget that these Human Creature Hybrids in some tho not all cases were tech capable also, & in many tech regards more advance than us in present time earth that i/we see as your VIEWER helmet visor screens indicates, & w/ varied & opposing philosophical views amoung those critter hybrid groups regarding regional cultural differences & practises, land & huntin territorial rights etc, and the ancient martian technocratic societies where you'll notice were the non wild, non ritual death cultish & non cannibalistic Full Human townships, also there larger cities thats some are near quite beautifull coastal looking areas where youd see a somewhat near that same scene as that beautifull top pic, but w/ more of a assortment of flying craft some even stationary in the air, while others are flying by, & of course many diff exotic types of flyin, aquatic & land based to mecanical land, sea & air capable hybrid vehicals, also exotic building structures of various types that your VIEWING along the coastal areas in that martian TIME ERA...

    Thinking Helmets off, now tell us what did YOU C IF ANYTHING on mars ancient Zenith past, & while at standing attention w/ eyes straight & forward crewmate.

    1. As a final note Scott & fellow crewmates, i cannot see one ruler/boss/CEO or even King, as controling all of mars during its ancient height back in time, what i see & possibly others here too, are regional civilizations that were internally united, but not a whole elected leader style of global gov, but seperate & scattered internally governed states that i personally now can envision.


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