MSNBC's Matthews Spends Entire Segment on Hillary’s Interest in UFO’s, May 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of interview: May 2016
Interview discussion: Hillary Clinton and UFOs
News source: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/curtis-houck/2016/05/12/real-thing-happened-matthews-spends-entire-segment-hillarys

This is a very strange conversation between MSNBC's host Chris Matthews and Clar Moskowitz. It really looks like this is becoming an important area for Hillary, since a large portion of the country believe a UFO did crash at Roswell, NM back in 1947, and that the US government is trying to cover it and all UFO sightings up. Would she keep her promise? She will try...and that word try is better than nothing. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews has offered NewsBusters readers perhaps the largest library of ridiculous statements over the years but his segment topics took a bizarre turn on Wednesday when he devoted an entire block to Hillary Clinton’s interest in releasing documents pertaining to Area 51 and the chances that aliens exist inside the U.S. Speaking to a Scientific American editor, Matthews aired his thoughts on conspiracy theories, how many who believe in aliens also believe there was more to the Kennedy assassinations to even creepily complimenting to his guest that he “love[s] your clear thinking and logic and scientific, well, method.” Matthews hit the ground running with senior editor Clara Moskowitz by asking if there’s “any physical evidence on this planet — has anyone ever found of UFOs” and when she stated “there’s absolutely no reason to think aliens have been there,” he followed up immediately: “No evidence of spaceships, of flying saucers or ETs of that kind? None. It's never been discovered or detected or claimed?” Moskowitz responded that since Area 51 also “tests experimental aircraft” so anyone voicing concerns about “weird looking aircraft flying around” they shouldn’t conclude it’s aliens. (More at source.)


  1. You will never get disclosure in the way you want it to happen.

  2. She is saying this to win votes...clever!

  3. I had my lottery win. Several years ago before we had cameras in every cell made. Witnessed a ufo glowing like the brightest sun.. at 1030 pm... had to be the size of a football field but circular. . and silently gone before I knew what happened. I don't need reassurance or full disclosure. I don't think it'd have the effect alot of us would hope.. which is a peaceful world type effect. Belief is enough for me. Just my opinion. Thanks Scott.


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