PROCESSING 95% UFO Over New Taipei City, Taiwan On May 26, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting:  May 26, 2016
Location of sighting: New Taipei City, Taiwan

I was just closing the window, leaving work at 7:30pm when I saw the red flashing light in the sky having in one place. I have never seen it before and when I recorded it, the light looks white. It was a big cloudy and there were no stars that could be seen through the pollution in the sky.  I recorded it only for a minute, because all I had was an iphone 6 and I knew the video would not be so great due to the distance. I checked it again 7 minutes later when I got home and the object was gone. 
Scott C. Waring


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  2. Scott,
    Why not open a go fund me page ...

    1. Tried Gofundme today...was signing up, but they don't allow people living in Taiwan to participate. :( I will try another site.

  3. Its disappointing to me that you received complaints. Anyone that follows you should have caught your explanation that you needed to replace your computer. That you feel the need to apologize to me is rediculous. Please provide us with a way to contribute, to keep the site going. This should not be your worry.

  4. Where has this site been all my life!

  5. Where has this site been all my life!

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  9. Wow this is totally amazing! About 10 years ago in Phoenix my wife and I saw the EXACT same thing, it was a ruby red very clear pure glow stuck right in the sky not one quiver of a move. We watched it for some time until it started to pulse and then vanished. The next morning I went outside (blue sky morning) and in the exact same location in the sky there was a perfect sphere of a metallic object hanging there. I immediately called NUFORC and while on the phone gave a description of what I was witnessing (although I don't think he believed at the time). Anyway this sounds like the same craft.


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