June 29, 2016

8.5 Mile Pyramid Found Under The Ocean, Ancient UFO Or Alien Base Found, June 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: June 2016

Location of discovery: West of Mexico (ocean)
Google map coordinates: 12° 8'1.49"N 119°35'26.39"W

This was found by Marcelo Igazusta of Argentina. He says its a UFO parked underwater. That could be true. Its a perfect pyramid that measures over 8.5 miles across one side of its base. Thats a conservative estimate, it could be up to 11 miles across. 

Even if this is not a UFO that landed in the ocean that was being used as an alien base, it still is a monumental discovery. A 8.5 mile pyramid...biggest the world has ever known, and its right off of Mexico, near they ancient Mayan and Aztec pyramids. Humans could never have built such a construction. Only aliens could accomplish making such a massive structure. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 

UFO 5.5 km in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico. Google earth image An intense light on the Pacific Ocean is the latest discovery of the Argentine researcher Marcelo Irazusta. This light of almost 5.5 km in length has a shape similar to a plane, but with a large size. Will it be another proof of the existence of a large UFO? The image is published by NASA and Google Earth. The coordinates are 12 ° 8'1.49 "N 119 ° 35'26.39" W 

 Ovni de 5.5 km en el oceano Pacifico frente la costa de Mexico. Imagen de google earth Una luz intensa sobre el oceano Pacifico es el ultimo descubrimiento del investigador argentino Marcelo Irazusta. Esta luz de casi 5.5 km de longitud presenta una forma parecida a un avion, pero con un gran tamaño. ¿Sera una prueba mas de la existencia de un gran ovni? La imagen es de la Nasa y publicada por Google Earth. Las coordenadas son 12° 8'1.49"N 119°35'26.39"W


  1. Who will check it out or do they all ready now it is there

  2. Why is it when somebody else finds something ,you are very skeptical . when you find it it's almost certain to be of alien origin.

  3. It looks like there is a face directly under the apex of the pyramid.It looks like the generic alien image we are all familiar with. It's probably just pareidolla but still interesting.

  4. Scot, great post! I personaly had my ufo encounter back in the Detroit mich area around 1967, I saw 5 to 6 individual sets of lights off in a field while travelling on I-96.Each set of lights rose from ground level up to about 500 ft before shooting to the northeast at almost bullet speeds, I remem ber it as if it happened yesterday

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  6. Rubbish. Its all if you see its clear that there is many same type of spot around the said alien spot .how you differentiate it a special one.its your imagination but nothing more

  7. Well according to what I have read amongst various ancient spiritual sources: there are several pyramids buried around the world to protect earth and its inhabitants from behind BHS from space who wish to cause harm to the beings on this planet. They were created by benevolent aliens who nurtured life on this planet against beings who look for higher life forms to wnslave their souls, intellect. Apparently when those beings come close to our beautiful earth these pyramids activate and shift the planet enough to keep. This planet out of harms way, keep earth hidden from them.