Beautiful UFO Over Christchurch, New Zealand On June 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

 Original below, added light altered above. 

Date of sighting: June 2016
Location of sighting: Christchurch, New Zealand
News source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/81126150/Mysterious-bright-sphere-over-Christchurch-latest-in-record-of-unexplained-Kiwi-UFOs

Guys, this UFO is just beautiful. When I added light to the photo, it really made the colors stand out. The green and the pink boarder are really memorizing. Christchurch is famous for its UFO sightings, and this is the best, most clearest that they have ever presented to us. This could be a UFO with an occupant, or it may be a remote drone, that allows the alien light years away to experience most senses through it...sight, sound, smell...maybe not feeling objects, but drones like that must come closer to gather such info. 

Sorry for the video below, its not on Youtube and I tried to make it bigger, but its still tiny. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
A brightly coloured sphere filmed in the night sky near Christchurch this week joins a tradition, of mysterious objects seen in Kiwi skies, stretching back at least a century. Oisin Lavelle reported seeing and filming one sphere on Monday night and seeing three on Tuesday night. He watched the Monday night sphere for two hours before it sped away amid bursts of bright orange light.


  1. I've witnessed those type too Scott, during a vacation late at night while on the SM pier, & witnessing it several miles out @ approx 1000'-2000' over the pacific ocean in Santa Monica Ca back in 2010, & they are quite radiantly beautifull, & i have a name for them, & i call them the "Pearl Jam" UFO's...

    There so beautifull as if ya viewing a Shinning Glistening Rainbow Ball of light energizes imo, however in this presentation it does not have the shinning radiance due to maybe im reckonin from the quality of the lenses from eithier the cam/cell phn cam that captured this perhaps, & ya know come to thk of it, this may very well be the same orbs we see that appears in daytime sighting thats colors are from fuzzy white to gloss silver it just occured to me while my Thk'ing helmet is activated, UC it just dawned to me that they seem to go thru what i can imagine "Energy Phase Shifts" of some nature i see, because ive witness a daytime orb im recalling approx 2yrs ago in the SF bay area near the shore front & this orb would light not fuzzy bright white but a solid bright white, then alternate to a gloss silver, i recorded it on a smart phn tho at the time did not thk to upload it to my home comp, & since then i have lost that phn w/ that data in its storage never to see it again unfortunately.

    1. I mean to say it reminds me of a "Pearl Gem UFO" as in a gloewing diamond or crystal, instead of that 80's rock band called "Pearl Jam" which was not my intention of its discription, but P J was supposedly a good 80's to 90's band i reckon...

      My bad. :/

  2. A transparent toy ball filled with blinking led
    lights, or at best a hobby drone with a light kit. Sorry, but without any decent reference in the vid, which is distinctly out of focus, that's my most objective common sense guess.

  3. we have had a few here in chch newzealand. my partner last night saw a huge dark patch hover over it scared the cat n thats what drew his attention he was genuinely scared and showed real emotions so j no it was not a joke . he sat out there a few hours trying to catch another glimpse he said it would messure to our room size and he could hear the wind it was creating.


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