Extraterrestrial tells man to build a pyramid in the desert of Coahuila, so he did! June 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of article: March 5, 2016
Location of pyramid:  Coahuila, Mexico
News source: http://www.odditycentral.com/news/mexican-farmer-builds-aztec-pyramid-claims-alien-instructed-him-to.html

This is magnificent! Not because of the fact that aliens spoke to him and not because he was trying to impress the aliens, but because its just beautiful. Look at the design, the doorway, the care that went into the placement of every stone on the structure. Even if aliens didn't tell him to make it, is still many levels of awesome. This is an interesting article about aliens, a farmer, romance, and god. 

Scott C. Waring

News states: 
Raymundo Corona, a farmer from Mexico, has gone and built a 22-foot Aztec pyramid in the desert, 74 km from the Mexico-US border. When people asked him why he went through the trouble of building a pyramid in the desert, he said he was simply following the instructions of an alien who paid him a visit three decades ago. Speaking to a local newspaper, Corona described the alien as a tall man with honey-colored eyes and white hair, by the name of Herulayka. He apparently came from a planet called Nefilin, which Corona says is 20 times the size of Earth and is located in the constellation of Orion. The Mexican farmer added that Herulayka warned him that he would be taken for a drunk or a drug addict if he ever built the pyramid, but his conviction was so strong that he went ahead and did it anyway. He really believes that the alien paid him a visit in 1984, when he was 33 years old. His wife was pregnant at the time and about to give birth to their baby girl when he first saw the strange man in his dreams.

A few nights later, he heard a knock on his door and it turned out to be the same man. Corona was scared out of his wits and ran outside, but then regained his composure and got back home. He figured the strange figure might be a God, but the man, sensing his thoughts, said: “I’m not a God, I am a man like you, I have the same importance as you.”

“He told me to build the temple in the form of a pyramid,” Corona explained. “When I asked him why it had to be in the form of a pyramid, he said it was because it should be like my faith, something that winds and storms couldn’t move and was always pointing upwards.”

“He told me he came from the constellation of Orion, from a place called Nefilin which is a place 20 times larger than Earth where people are similar to human beings,” he added. “He was a tall man with honey colored eyes and white hair down to the ground. He was barefoot and wore a tunic tied with a rope.”

The man supposedly warned Corona that building the temple would not be easy, telling him: “Many people will laugh at you, defame and say it was an act of insanity or something he did during a bender, it was an act of a madman or a drug addict.” The alien also said that humans were destroying their own planet and needed to look after it like a child.

Building a temple in the form of a pyramid was not an easy task, especially not for Corona, who had only studied until the sixth grade. He had to make several mathematical calculations that were way beyond his understanding, and to this day, he has no idea how he managed to do it. He just believes that the knowledge was embedded in his genetic system, waiting for him to access it.


  1. That's an amazing feat! The beer can tree at the end of the video is also quite telling.

  2. Hi Scott
    I too believe in UFO etc and enjoy your sight very much. I have read the Urantia Book several times, and it is amazing how it jibes with things that are going on and things of the past, how earth and man came to be etc. Are you familiar with it?

  3. Hi Scott
    I enjoy your views very much. I am a reader of the Urantia Book and it is so surprising how these things and its information jibe. Love it.

  4. Hi Scott
    I enjoy the information you are publishing. I am a reader of the Urantia book for several years and it is so interesting how these things jibe.

  5. Hi Scott,
    I enjoy your bog and emails. I have studied Urantia Book for several years and it is so interesting how things are jibing.

  6. Hi Scott,
    I enjoy your blog and email. I am a reader of the Urantia Book for several years and so interesting how things jibe.

  7. Hi Scott
    I enjoy your blog and email. I have been a reader of Urantia Book for several years and it is interesting how they jibe.

  8. Amazing! Was he one of the Whites?

  9. I took another approach to the constellation Orion an measured it as seen from a telescopic view from earth. Interesting facts came up.Pic's available on my FB

  10. A very nice pyramid construction too ill add that what ever or who ever from above that was guiding him was very positively influential imo, UC how some of those ET's can influence from a distant to have selected human beings create great works, OR influnce a madman to mo down a night club w/ a machine gun...

    THEY INFLUNCE SOME OF US HERE in so many positive to negative ways UC.


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