Face Found On Mars In Curiosity Rover Photo This week, June 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: June 25, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars, Sol 1376

I found this face today on the side of a hill in a recent Curiosity rover photo. The face does look human, but due to its eroded detail, its difficult to be sure about that. Sometimes its a bit difficult, especially with these black and white photos NASA gives us. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Oh come now Scott stop being a silly little man.

  2. As you can see NASA has blocked the photo behind the face. I really believe this creature is alive.....

  3. Don't know what you guys are look at there BUT there is no creature and no face. There buildings there instead. There are 2 large structures on top right side of the black sand area where you tell there is a face. And where the black sand area begins so nearest to the camera there is another structure, another kind of building.

  4. It kind of reminds me of the Spinx, and so, I wonder if there is more of it under the hill of which it protrudes out from? If it wasn't protruding out of said hill, I would have dismissed it as probably nothing, but since it is...

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    1. Here on Earth, most of the Spinx is behind the head, so, if this is a Spinx like creation, the rest of it would be under the hill directly behind the face on Mars, from which the face protrudes. The only to know for sure, would be to excavate, but again, IMHO, it is a distinct possibility that there is more to the face under the hill.

  6. Another rubbish research from Scott! Like I said previously stop your own research. I am the anonymous that wrote yesterday, my name is Tony trouble. I am french and I do insist your own researches is rubbish. I am not saying all your posts are crap but only what you Scott search. All your Mars faces or toilet sit is hilarious. I do truly believe in UFO and previous life on Mars etc, but here in France we truly think that you have lost it. I insist again on what I said : only your own research on Mars pics. But thanks for the good laugh and, will you post my comment? By the way as much as I am bitching about your Mars research I must also tell you Scott that your post about ''fleet of UFO over Colima'' was extremely brilliant! You see it's not all bad. So stop ''crying nobody likes me'' and just accept that some of us don't like some of your posts. There is no hate in what I said, I don't hate you at all, just wish you stop with this Mars faces. When I see Streetcap1 on YouTube there is not one video to put in the bin. The UFO researchers need people like him, genuine!
    And it's only after too many complains from the people I showed your site that I have decided to start to ask you to stop with this silly pictures and faces etc. Now it's only the 4th time I put a comment on your site. So I guess there is plenty people who thinks the same as me.
    My name is Tony Michael Trouble. And yes I stick to my name!
    Keep well Scott!

  7. Got it....yes, you right. It could be! Thank you Melinda!

  8. Don't you see it's not a face or structures . it's a bio mech suit used to battle sub species in the Mars Olympics.


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