This Day In UFO History; Man Meets With Aliens And Takes Photos, June 16, 1963, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 16, 1963
Location of sighting:  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

June 16, 1963-close Albuquerque, N.M. Apolinar A. Estate, Jr., 49, a technician of 601 Niagara N.E.; Albuquerque, New Mexico, had a one of a kind benefit having prearranged gatherings with Space People for the particular reason for taking photos of their art.

Evidently, contacts of some kind with space individuals are not new to Mr. Estate. He says that he has been taught clairvoyance by extraterrestrial insight since he was five years of age. Despite the fact that he didn't finish the tenth grade of school, he appears to have a decent learning on such subjects as arithmetic, power, material science, and mechanics, and has a bizarre "blessing" for distinguishing deformities in motors, generators, and so on.

Manor says that preceding capturing his first arrangement of saucers in 1963, he had seen around five Flying Saucers in the past five years, and he had chatted with a spaceman already. He said that his first picture-taking contact was his second in-individual meeting with extraterrestrial creatures. The first was in 1953 while he was working for the Department of Water and Power in Los Angeles. While at work one day in Long Beach, he had a compelling impulse to go down to the shoreline, an inclination he didn't get it. There he met a man around 7 feet tall. At first Villa was a perplexed and needed to flee. Be that as it may, the man called him by name, and let him know numerous individual things about himself. "Manor understood that he was speaking with an extremely predominant insight, and he then got to be mindful this being was a spaceman. "He knew all that I had in my brain and let me know numerous things that had happened in my life," Villa says. " He then instructed me to watch out past the reef. I saw a metallic looking plate formed item that appeared to drift on the water. At that point the spaceman inquired as to whether I might I want to get onto the art and glance around, and I ran with him." He said the saucer inhabitants were totally humanoid in appearance, albeit preferable looking as a rule over Earth individuals, as they were certainly more refined in the face and the body. Additionally they had a propelled learning of science, as confirm by their specialty, and by their discussion with him." They advised Villa that the entire cosmic system to which our Earth has a place is a grain of sand on an immense shoreline, in connection to the unbelievable number of possessed worlds in the whole Universe. In view of their innovative progression, their spaceships can infiltrate the Earth's radar location framework, with the goal that they are gotten on our radar screens just when they point out their nearness in our skies. It appears that their art are always dynamic over our surface, and that they arrange more sightings and arrivals with a specific end goal to expand open consciousness of their presence. They said they were here on a neighborly mission to help our kin; that they have bases on our moon; that Phobos, one of the two moons of Mars is empty and is misleadingly developed; and that their is a Superior Intelligence that represents the Universe and everything in it.

For his first arrangement of pictures, Mr. Estate says his space contacts let him know, clairvoyantly, to drive his get truck on June 16, (1963), to the meeting place, alone. There he saw a landed Flying saucer which he assessed to be around 70 feet in distance across. There were nine individuals on board the boat: four men and five ladies. They landed through a hermetically fixed entryway. These creatures, he says, extended in range from seven to nine feet and were proportional. Some were light; some were red-headed; (like cleaned copper); and some had dark hair. They let him know they originated from the cosmic system of Coma Berenices, numerous light years separation. They could talk numerous dialects, and in addition to convey clairvoyantly. Manor was told the art worked as a Mothership for its nine remotely-controlled observing plates which were 14 inches in measurement, and were controlled from instrument boards in the Mothership. They could get pictures and sounds from any zone from which they were coordinated, and after that could then transfer them to TV boards on board the Mother Craft. They allowed Villa to take photograph's of their boat which postured and drifted near the surface somewhere around 2 and 4P.M. while he took different shots of the art surrounded by the trees in the frontal area. He utilized a Japanese-made Rokuoh-Sha camera with a f4.6, 75mm lens stacked with 120 Kodak film. Two of the photograph's demonstrate the boat in a vertical position, on its side, to show that the Space People have made a manufactured gravity inside the specialty, and in this way are totally agreeable regardless of what position the boat is in, with respect to a planet's surface.. By chance, in photograph #7...???, the vents in the body, thought by some to be port gaps, are not windows, but rather are openings straightforwardly worried with the drive of the boat. Manor says they let him know that the vents are opened just inside a planets environment - never in space.

Another contact... for his second arrangement of pictures, Villa was clairvoyantly guided, to another region close Bernalillo, New Mexico - around 15 miles north of Albuquerque. This was on Easter Sunday, April 18, 1965. The boat found in photograph's #1,2 and 3, anticipated a beam which brought about a little wildfire. The smoke from the flame is visible(more unmistakably in color)in the trees just underneath the art, and simply above and to one side of the rear end of Villa's truck.(Note: I have the photo's..Dex) In one photograph they scorched a tree top - by utilization of a beam coordinated from the boat. These things were done to exhibit some of their capacities. The boat landed and Villa passed judgment on it to be 300 feet in distance across. It had telescopic, tripod landing gear, which are distending from the base of the art in photograph's ???(Note: I don't have...Dex). The three crew member had light chestnut hair and tan skin. They gave off an impression of being around 5'8" or 5'9" tall. Estate chatted with them for almost two hours about individual and also broad matters. They let him know that our Astronauts, Edward White and James McDivitt, on their now-renowned GT-4 flight, were truly seeing a spaceship when they reported locating the Pegasus-like item. They additionally said our Government won't discharge the Mariner-4 photograph's since they indicate pumping stations for the waterway frameworks on Mars. They included, that by 1966, 17 countries will have the Atomic Bomb. Manor says they bantered both in Spanish(his local language)and in English. On their recommendation, the Contactee says, he quit smoking to upgrade his capacity to get clairvoyant interchanges.


  1. Hi, Scott new discovery on Mars: Mysterious figure of St Michael the Archangel on Mars? https://youtu.be/Y-_mtTSFu7U

  2. similar story to Billy mayer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CJCsPxYSuA

  3. Jip I can see on this photos a frisbee got n new name:UFO!!I heard a lot of crap in my life but this just take the cake.Comment on danievanstaden22@gmail.com

  4. I can see a Frisbee got a new name:UFO,I heard a lot of crap in my life but this is the best.Wake up people look at the size of this"UFO"how is it possible for "9" creatures between 6 and 9 feet going to fit in something hanging aproximitly 2,5m above the ground and prow a shadow of about 1meter.Thanks anyway for a good laugh.

  5. Jip I can see on this photos a frisbee got n new name:UFO!!I heard a lot of crap in my life but this just take the cake.Comment on danievanstaden22@gmail.com

  6. Wasn't there another guy in Switzerland with a similar encounter? I think he had contact with Pleadeans.

  7. Wow this is an absolutely fascinating story- it's just so hard to read - obviously this was translated from a different language because the wording is so strange ("art" and "boat" for spaceship?? "He appears to have a decent learning of power" ??) but if you can actually get through the whole article this is an amazing story and I wonder why I've never heard of it before?! Thank you Scott for making this available to the public- keep it up!! :-)

  8. Scott, great story. Thanks for posting this, would appreciate more like it!

  9. Verry interesting, & at least there were no pocket computers in those days to dwn load a Photo Shop app to reconfigure a digital pic, however some hoaxers back in those days used light strings, but im not saying in this case.

  10. Wow! Amazing! I was shown these pics in 1968 by a neighbor lady (here in ABQ). She said it was a BIG secret...dunno. She finally got tired of the kiddies coming to see the pics. Course, it all fueled the imagination of us as kids. Interesting that in the last pic - the saucer with the tripod legs - I noticed 4 small spherule objects surrounding the craft - what are those? I'd like to believe these pics are real and not some 'trick photography.' Interesting just the same.

    1. Those small orbs were said to be guidance orbs. A guidance system to expand the area around the disk and protect it from hitting things...a security system of tiny drones. Thats what the eyewitness states in other articles.

    2. Yes Scott ill agree that there possibly are drone/orb, observation/guidence units that some space exploring civilizations utilize, yes sir that would seem very plausible indeed...

      I remember seeing this very same UFO or i should say "Cosmic Boat" presentation decades ago before the internet that i do recall now, & those anti earth grav ET space craft can travel topsy turvy tho inside it seems to be all stable via defying earths grav feilds around it, which in this case WAS one of a number of ET space craft earth environment capabilities prior to the potential "Directional Beam Weapon" or DBW, aka HARRP thats known in tight circles w/in the DoD to disable certain kinds tho no all ET civilizations space vehicals via focused directional freq's OR grid pattern freq's as in offensive directional Radar on steroids against some ET vehicals, THO NOT ALL of them for heavens sake that that diabolical potential weapons sys called HARRP can accomplish nowadays, thats why upgrades in engineering & design on there side was developed to detere HAARPS deadly destructive influence on earlyer ET vr space craft...

      We must realize not all exploring civilizations that comes here have klingon type Envinsabiliy, Engineering & Firepower to vaporize todays super power earth citys in one strike to smithereens...

      BUT SOME DO imo, so dont forget. ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ‘ฝ ๐Ÿ˜


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