Ancient Cannon Found On Mars, In Spirit Rover Photos, July 2016, 2 Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 2016
Location of discovery: Mars, Spirit Rover, Sol 828

Today I found an ancient cannon sitting on the surface of Mars. Its two wheels in back are easy to see, and the opening of the end of the gun is also easy to make out. The cannon has a gun sight at the end of the barrel. The gun sight is curved and very long, the perfect hight to account for gravity and distance. It doesn't look like an advanced modern weapon, but still is an ancient weapon. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. But WHY? Why are these kinds of artifacts on planet Mars? If you have a theory which doesn't involve lolcats or aliens, please post it booth here and on my site, http://marsconspiracy.tk .
    My two theories, detailed on the aforementioned website, are that either there are lolcats on plan M or we live inside a theme park for aliens and NASA's pictures are part of a disinformation campaign meant at keeping the alien presence here secret.

  2. Well, it does look like an old time cannon, but it could also be a lot of other things, like perhaps a water cannon, or even part of something much larger, such as a cog in a very big machine. Still, this is quite a find!

  3. Hard to make out exactly what it is but it certainly looks "unnatural" and "man/alien"-made - there seems to be a reinforcement piece above the hole - definitely very odd and a thing that appears to be out of place.

  4. Muhahahaha, how the blazzin hell did that early modeled "HOWITZER CANNON" show up on the mars scene...

    But seriously, i dont think thats a howitzer cannon of anytype, & i will agree w/ Ms Wright asside the water cannon theory, that it just may be a broken off part of a larger mechanical device thats sitting there at that angle thatll give it that cannon appearance, i mean after all why would a possible advanced society would even want a ancient, heavy, comberson & not to accurate weapon as a earth designed old style cannon as martian weaponry, & looks older than even those M-102 105mm Howitzers used in vietnam, so why cant the rover had taken better pic angles & a closer up close & personal or even a zomm image of this thing to get a better viewing perspective, UC thats the issue that puzzles me w/ some rover mars pics.


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