Glowing Purple UFO Over Cumberland County, Maine - July 4, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 4, 2016
Location of sighting: Cumberland County, Main, USA
News source: MUFON #77585

This object has all the features of a true UFO and does not resemble  a drone or other aircraft. Its purple hue is unusual, but the fact is that in many UFO reports, even by police officers, eyewitnesses have seen UFOs turn multiple colors of the spectrum in seconds. So, the fact it changes colors only makes it more possible that this is a real UFO. Often non UFO researchers will get that backwards. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
1. I was in my home with my wife and teenage son. We all saw the object high in the sky and we filmed the object using 60x HD camcorder. 2. My wife looked out the window and saw an object with bright light high in the sky. 3. We thought the object could be a sophisticate, large drone, possibly military. However when we reviewed the video at the end frame by frame it appears to spin and then disappear. 4. The object hovered stationary for several minutes. Using my HD video camera zoomed in at 60x I could see an A fram shape for each structure, a red and green light in the middle, and 3 bright white lights on top. It began spinning and then disappeared as shown frame by frame on the video. It returned a few minutes later in the same location but facing a different direction. It hovered stationary again and then disappeared. The video zoom did not resolve well but the object appeared to change color all at once to red before it disappeared. 5. We were excited to see the object even if it turns out to be just a drone. My wife posted the video clip to her facebook account and friends were shocked. Some said it was just a drone, but other did not. 6. We lost sight of the object because it disappeared. Please see the video clip as it is all there. I have 4 videos total but have processed only 1 to remove the audio and clip just the best section to reduce file size. The sequence of the video is continuous and has not been modified. Please contact me if you think this is a UFO or just a drone.


  1. this one looks like a rather expensive drone 2me.

    1. They do exist Mr Lee P, so just Google Quadcopters & youll see, if in case your not aware of them allready...

      So a thought came to mind everyone as to why the witness wants are thoughts on weather its a alleged real UFO or drone, & his question gave me this suspecious 2nd thought which is, could it be that w/ the reply comments he may recieve of it being a drone instead have him revise his possible hoaxing skills even more to create better quality UFO drone hoaxes, just like Ed of that Muhahaha that that Muhaha, "Turdfaceondamoon" show by the cousin bro's, Muhahaha its to to much now, hell when ya thought CGI would muck up aireal phenomena cases now here come those crazy but fantastic imo advanced Quadcopter Drones foolin folks, Muhahahaha makes ya wanna cry sometimes huh...

      Dont your brain gets hot occasionally by over using a one size fit all "Thinking Helmet", hell it does when i wear one to long, Muhahahaha to to much that its so funny now, but still UFO's do really exist, trust me.;)


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