CONTACT: THE UFO ALIEN COSMIC CODE And How Deep Does It Go? UFO Sighting News.

Maker of video: UFOTV
Date of video: July 2016

About 10 years ago, some Korean cloning expert scientists came out and said that an alien code was discovered in human DNA, and that it was the main cause of cancer, due to its mistakes in linking to the human DNA. How deep does the code go in us, the Earth, the solar system, the universe, space and time?
Scott C. Waring

News states:
Presented in this movie are the details of an unknown Alien form of communication. UFOs are appearing in the sky in group formations that match major Galactic constellations in Space. Ancient structures such as the Pyramids of Egypt also reflect these same galactic constellations within their layout and design. Today with the aid of video cameras, "smart phones" and the internet, these galactic UFO formations are being seen by billions of people worldwide. Clearly, a sophisticated coded language is now being broadcast all over the world through the distribution of UFO videos and has also been memorialized for all time through the placement of ancient pyramids and sacred sites. What does it all mean? Join us as we discover our true place in the cosmos.


  1. You must STOP thinking like humans w/ a Thinking Helmet on, & start to think like ENLIGHTENED humans w/ out a Thinking Helmet on, my revision UC...

    Star cluster formation symbolisms via crop circle designs & UFO flight formation patterns, oK oK a possibility there Mr Damond thats shown from your stellar presentation, & yes indeed its now left to each & every one of us on this rock to develope a more enlightened self realization of these i call Paranormal Realities, & absolutely sir i whole heartedly agree, however this malevolent reptiodial influnced shape shiftin presence on this world is at this very moment is ahhum "Tearing Us All Apart" so 2 spk as a united species of various earth human races thatll be not only Enlightened but Spiritually & Morally ready & i mean READY to travel the cosmos in "Peace, Safety & Confidence", so until that reptilian cancerous mindset that dwells & leaches off this global humanity that lizard like succubus thats primarily located & dwells in controlling earthly hi powers & principalities is vanquished from present time earths humanity's living reality, well Mr Damond this present earth civilization is GOING NOWHERE out there that i have envisioned because there grip is so tight on YOUR WORLD at present...

    And some of those patterns could be perhaps WARNING SIGNALS also that there might be trying to indicate to us all down here too Mr Damond, so would ya agree on that twist of logic my friend.??? ;\

  2. Their coming to take me away to the funny farmm

  3. They are also telling us that this is where we are from. "Orion"


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