Star Wars Millennium Falcon UFO Caught On Video Flying Near New York, Sept 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Sept 20, 2016
Location of sighting: New York, USA
News source: https://reportuk.org/2016/09/21/star-wars-millennium-falcon-ufo-caught-on-video-flying-near-new-york/

This is an excellent capture of a UFO over New York and has a lot of similarities to the Security Guard Video of a UFO over the sea in Turkey back in 2007. UFOs are no stranger to New Yorkers, but are actually seen ever few years. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
A couple captured the incredible footage of a UFO moving through the skies near New York.

Bizarrely the mysterious object was a dead ringer for the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars franchise.

Shocked, they can be heard remarking in the clip “there is no way that is a plane, look at the shape of it, look how big it is”.

The latest strange UFO sighting comes as an age-old book has been uncovered which features an illustration of a flying saucer on the cover.

Experts have also warned UFO-linked aliens could be attacking the world”s livestock in a deranged bid to create animal-human hybrids.

But the world”s questions about aliens could be set to be answered as NASA is poised to make a shocking announcement about alien life next week.


  1. How about that "millennium falcon" lookalike on the bottom of the ocean? Nice catch!

    1. Yeah, the Baltic Sea UFO was confirmed to have an unknown metal alloy and causes radar and compass disturbances, but no news about it since. I just hope some countries military doesn't pull it out before we can learn more about it.

    2. Hey Scott, just watched a segment from Tyler that showed a shape just like this on Mars caught by the rover. Hope all is good with you

  2. I seen something just as similar to this around 9:15pm on September 21 2016 which was last night(in Clyde new York) a small town. Me and my friend were outside prior to that for about 30 minutes. We seen a whole bunch of airplanes flying high like normal and then a military helicopter fly really low 15 minutes before. We were looking in the sky when we noticed a UFO that was so big we knew it wasn't an airplane because we seen plenty of airplanes before it happened. It came over the tree line over his house and was so big we couldn't believe how big it was. We automatically knew it wasn't an airplane. It was so big it seemed like after it went over his house it looked the same size as like it was still over the house but it was going in the distance. If it landed it looked like it could've been at least a couple football fields long. It went in like a cone shape in the front but wide in the back sortve like a stealth bomber. But I knew it wasn't any aircraft I've seen before because when I seen it I said "what the fuck is that". It looked like it was being escorted by multiple other aircrafts which I wasn't focused on. I was so baffled by how big the UFO was I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Never seen anything like that in my life so I know it wasn't any other airplane or aircrafts that we have to date. I looked up multiple different sightings just this past 2 months and there were stories just as similar. First one I have seen myself, but my buddy has seen other things similar to it, just not that size. And after I looked up UFO sightings I seen that we captured a picture of a huge spaceship that was escorted by other aircrafts or spaceships. I just find it weird that we just captured pictures and I seen something just as similar. And I didn't even know that nasa had that picture prior to the sighting. Like u always said, I never believe it until I see it. But I did see it last night so now I believe that there is other life that we are trying to hide.

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    2. Really? What site? A lot of sites seem to be stealing your work such as ufosightingshotspot.Com they're thieving lying aholes. I might not always agree with a couple of your theories but I've found you to be the most honest in your thoughts over the last 5 years so i stuck with you for yrs. FK EM. Which site needs some Trolling payback? Oh i've recieved scientific accredited approval of my skeleton on mars. But i never said it was from mars until it was a confirmed skeleton . When i did say it was taken on mars, the answer i got was that I JUST PROVED THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM EXISTS AS WE HAVE OBVIOUSLY BEEN THERE BEFORE. If earth continues to get farther from the sun it shows we migrated from mars and we'll have to migrate again eventually. I thought you blkd me cos my last comment to you was i didn't agree with a theory you had. Peace love and Mungbeans :)

  4. Good for you, the other sites are rubbish!!


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