Highly Detailed Reptilian Face Found On Mars Surface, June 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: June 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: Unknown

This face was discovered by a new Youtuber called DailyRealDiscoveries. He posts a lot of interesting finds on the Martian surface and this face is highly detailed. 

The eye nose, lips, mouth and ear  are clearly obvious with its unusually uneven skin. The alien looks reptilian, which is suppose to be an aggressive species that doesn't like humans very much. The face is at the end of the video at the 3:53 mark. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. I have found two mummified dead grey's in one of NASA photo but since I have gone back into the photo one has been removed.

  2. My problem with all the mars stuff: we have 6 inch aliens,lizards, giants, humanoid, etc. Just how many species did mars produce? Is this remotely plausible?

    1. Valid question...i believe there would be a diversity of species on any planet with life,however, just like Earth

    2. Or, these are the bodies of the spieces involved in the war that destroied Mars...

  3. Mars could be also a dumping ground for stuff they collect on earth. Also the alien grey is on PIA20332. Just above the rover there is a number (5 or 6) written in white on a rock, if you go left you will see what appears like a piece of diftwood with the mummifies grey lying on his back with his head back also. As I mentioned above the other smaller grey was in the sand also on his back to his left but I cannot find it. It was much clearer and on its on. You would need to have saved the original mars photo. And by the way I cannot find any record anywhere on this site or the internet of the rock with the number on it but it was differently here.

  4. Also the fact that the number 5 is written in English, would indeed suggest that maybe the Rover itched it itself for future man mission, or we already have a team there.


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