Alien Walled City Found On Mars, Lets Talk About Why NASA Shuts Up About It, Nov 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
Source NASA photo: http://hirise.lpl.arizona.edu/ESP_025723_1950

This walled city was found by Martian Archeology of Youtube and his name really fits. He found an ancient city with walls on all sides, but a small space between the walls. This is impossible to form this large in nature, but for intelligent beings...its the norm. 

You are asking yourself why NASA would not reveal such evidence to the public, correct? Its because if they keep the public in the dark, then they have can leak tiny discoveries to the public in order to keep their NASA funding budge and satisfy the publics curiosity about space. They will also not be pushed, or made to rush to Mars and other planets and moons if the other 194 countries on Earth are not aware of the alien civilisations that are out there, and the technology and abandoned bases, spaceships and energy germinators, mining facilities and space stations to be found. NASA wants to get there first to lay claim...to keep the US #1...otherwise a tiny country like...say...Taiwan could make a maned mission to Mars and make friends with an advanced alien race, gaining weapons and technology that would give them world power over night. Now...do you understand why NASA shuts up about life out there?
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


  1. I understand why Nasa keeps us in the dark, but aren't we supposed to band together as a race and embrace a new age together?

  2. Hi Scott!
    You put a HUGE topic here...
    Reasons are so many.
    Military interests
    Political interests (we need to learn the word "exopolitics")
    Resources/Commercial interests (Mars is SO rich in minerals)
    Keep us away from our awakening
    Keep us in ignorance
    Try to keep religion an important way to control masses
    Need more?

  3. Interesting that I have read remarks about those images on other sites
    which have emotional emphasis. Many others make statements without explanation.
    Yet only data and logic can be determining factors.
    Meteorites don't leave marks that look like that.
    Good examples of impact craters can be seen on Mercury and the Earth’s Moon and they are not inner circular outer polygonal shaped.
    In fact, there is no place in the solar system that meteorites leave marks that are consistently shaped with inner circles with straight lined outer edges.
    Just one would be weird, but numerous marks that are similar in the circle, straight line polygonal configuration?
    Nope, don't buy that one.
    It is also interesting that some of them have a characteristic that is similar to other “monuments” or the so called “artificially made” Martian structures which is that one side is less worn than the other, which implies the large scale cataclysm theory that came from one direction after, whatever the structures are, were made.

    Although the first part of the comment does suggest artificial, or at least non-meteorite impact craters and the second part does not, the second part does confirm what some scientists say about partial symmetry being lost from certain other structures besides these images of the inner circle, outer straight line configuration.
    Anyone who believes that these are meteorite impact craters, perhaps they can point out other impact craters in the solar system that have similar inner circle, outer polygonal configuration?
    The answer is, there are not any. Therefore, whatever those things are, it is not meteorite impact craters.


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