Giant UFO Exits Ground Causing Earthquake In New Zealand, Nov 14, 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of event: November 14, 2016
Location of event: Christchurch, New Zealand

UFOs are often seen during and after earthquakes, just like in this video below you see lights from a UFO that exited from the ground. It had to have been giant, about 1km for the opening to cause such an earthquake as it did. Christchurch is a hotbed of UFO activity over the last five years, so this is really no surprise. 

Its known from the Friendship case (Rocca Pia, Italy) that when aliens were to make an opening for a city or leave a city, they only had to command it, and the technology would open a cavern in the ground the size of city that even had its own weather system.  Friendship case also states that people would just stand on the ground and the ground would gently and fast, lower itself, while the opening on top closes, until the person arrived at the city below the ground. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Come on scott this is why you lose people with false headlines like this mate. Yes a ufo was above observing and seen over Australia 1 hour later. Start studying CERN dude. It was operational at the time and is EXACTLY opposite on the globe. They're pushing ions through the earth which they freely admit. As an ex air person you would be aware of our ionosphere mate. Where is any evidence here that anything came out of the ground because ive just spent 2 hours following tremor results and it all leads back to CERN i'd say the Tasmanian alien base was observing or man made tr3b with elite on board, but nothing ever came out of the ground. Where is the evidence to that here Please ? As a mate, keeping you grounded what did you think of my alien hybrid plant video ?

  2. I agree nothing came out of the ground but every time something big happens people on these sites seems to think its got something to do with aliens. I do believe in aliens but its not them every time the is a earthquake like the guy above said it could be CERN of even natural.

    1. Hi jono . Like your plant cutting, heres a trick i use . I cut a large coke bottle in half to create its own atmosphere like a trerarium and also above the kitchen sink if your light allows so it steams up the little atmosphere ... Old weed growing trick back in the day. Lol to old for that these days though. Good luck :)

    2. Cheers buddy. How come you replied on this site? I will try the coke bottle tip thanks mate.

    3. I saw your first comment and thought id click on that big grin of yours. ;)

    4. Lol I do have a big grin on that pic

  3. If you believe then you know there could be a possibility this is true. No one will ever know. Personally I've seen lights like that when power lines are exploding. I don't think the lights were a UFO but it is possible something came out if the ground and caused this!

  4. Scott boring you idiot.
    I'm from NZ and have been in and witnessed dozens of earthquakes.
    They have nothing to do with ufos.
    Didn't you go to school? Ever heard of the ring of fire?
    It goes straight through NZ.
    Nobody takes you seriously anymore except like minded clowns who think rocks are aliens!
    Just give it a rest!

  5. Im from nz the above is BS, yes an earthquake happen and NO a UFO did NOT cause those lights to happen. Please report actual facts and not made up movies lines bro!


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