This Day In UFO History: Police Officer Alan Godfrey's abduction in West Yorkshire, England Dec 1980, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: December 1980
Location of sighting: West Yorkshire, England

If you have ever wondered if you were abducted, this video can help you. He describes the events that took place and the amazing things that he witnessed. This is an alien abduction that most people are not aware of. This is a great first hand account of what he went through and what you could expect if you were abducted.
Scott C. Waring

Report states: 
In November and December 1980, the eastern side of Britain was encountering a noteworthy UFO locating wave. There were pursues of UFOs by squad cars close to the drift, a UFO that overflew an oil fix in the North Sea, and the wave finished in the well known occasions on the East Anglian drift at Rendlesham Forest. Only a month prior to these arrivals alongside those NATO air bases, a standout amongst the most noteworthy outsider snatching cases occurred in the little Penninemill town of Todmorden, West Yorkshire, appropriate in the focal point of Britain's most dynamic window range referred to locally as "UFO Alley". 

Police Constable Alan Godfrey was on watch on the night of 28 November 1980. Just before first light he drove along Burnley Road on the edge of Todmorden searching for a few dairy animals that had been accounted for missing. They were just found after sun-up, strangely moved in a rain-splashed field without hoofmarks to demonstrate their entry. 

Surrendering his nighttime chase, Godfrey was going to backpedal to base to close down obligation when he saw a vast mass a couple of hundred yards ahead. At to start with, he thought it was a transport coming towards him that took laborers to their occupations around the local area and that he knew go around 5:00 a.m. However, as he drew closer, he understood that it was something exceptionally bizarre. It was a fluffy oval that turned at such speed and drifted so low over the generally betrayed parkway that it was bringing on the shrubberies by the side to shake. The cop ceased, propped onto his windscreen a cushion that was in the watch auto to make representations of any street mischances, and drew the UFO. At that point there was a blasted of light, and the following thing he knew he was driving his auto once more, further along Burnley Road, with no indication of the UFO. 

Godfrey pivoted and analyzed the spot where the UFO had floated. The street was extremely wet as it had rained intensely before in the night. Be that as it may, exactly at this one area was a roundabout fix where the roadway had been dried in a whirled design. Just when back at the police headquarters did he understand that it was somewhat later than he had expected - albeit any missing time was most likely no more prominent than 15 minutes from appraisals later gone up against site. 

Worried as to conceivable criticism, Godfrey at first picked not to make an official report, but rather altered his opinion soon thereafter when he found he was not the only one. After breakfast that morning, a driver who had been on Burnley Road three miles farther at Cliviger detailed seeing a splendid white protest and reached Todmorden police. The time coordinated that of Alan Godfrey's. Moreover, a police watch from a nearby drive (Halifax) had been occupied with a stakeout for stolen bikes on the fields of the Calder Valley and had seen a splendid blue-white shine slipping into the valley towards Todmorden in no time before Godfrey encountered his nearby experience. Their story, when it achieved Todmorden police headquarters, framed a moment coordinate. 

Empowered by this news Godfrey recorded an official report, however was amazed when police discharged the story to the neighborhood daily paper the next week. From here, UFOlogists found the case and an extensive examination was mounted by a Manchester-based UFO bunch. 

Despite the fact that Alan Godfrey had no further cognizant review of the missing time, he had progressively confounded memory of the grouping of occasions encompassing the locating (with an unexplained picture of seeing himself outside the auto amid the locating). There was additionally bewildering physical proof. His police-issue boots were part on the sole, as though he had been dragged along the floor and they had gotten on something. He additionally announced a past history of seeing other peculiar things and having encountered no less than one prior time pass as an adolescent—components that UFOlogists have come to perceive as basic with kidnapping cases. 

At the point when beyond any doubt that all cognizant declaration had been recorded, Godfrey consented to be mesmerizingly relapsed by a Manchester therapist eight months after the occurrence. He in the end had a few different sessions with various specialists, and his review in later sessions was video-taped. The specialist denied consent to the UFO gather for the principal session to be recorded. 

The trancelike declaration is extremely odd, and Godfrey was never to make sure what truly happened. Under relapse he recounted the splendid light ceasing the auto motor, bringing on his radio and police handset both to be loaded with static and after that to be overwhelmed by blinding light as he lost awareness. His next review was of being inside a bizarre room, more like a house than a spaceship, finish with a most startling vast dark canine. He was contemplated by an intensely whiskery man who clairvoyantly passed on that his name was "Yosef" and whose attire was extremely Biblical in nature. Helping Yosef were a few little robot-like animals "the measure of a five-year-old chap" and with "a head formed like a light". They are reminiscent of the "Grays" of UFO legend; in spite of the fact that with significant contrasts. 

Godfrey was as far as anyone knows made inquiries, told that he "knew" Josef, and was guaranteed a later experience. Be that as it may, evidently he was not subjected to the more well known insults of kidnapping stories (particularly from the US, for example, natural liquid specimens and rectal tests. In spite of the fact that there were times of missing memory, the trancelike review that emerged was an inquisitive half and half of mythic pictures, UFO case components and dream like arrangements. 

At the point when asked his assessment with regards to the truth status of this trancelike declaration, Alan Godfrey was refreshingly fair. He revealed to me he was sure that the UFO experience was genuine, yet he couldn't figure out if the story offered by spellbinding was a fantasy, a dream, reality, or a blend of every one of the three. 

Despondently, Alan Godfrey endured horrendously after this experience. When I first reviewed the examination (just before the relapse mesmerizing started) for Flying Saucer Review magazine in 1981, I purposely changed his personality to help ensure him; despite the fact that this was most likely useless on the grounds that the story had as of now been highlighted in the nearby press under Godfrey's genuine name. 

Be that as it may, regardless of my refusal to help them, a newspaper correspondent followed the witness and committed a front-page pennant feature article to the story — read by millions over the Sunday lunch—which prompted to the officer being called to account for himself before his bosses. He was compelled to experience therapeutic examination to decide his "status", yet was articulated mentally fit and sound. However after a few years feeling that he could never be permitted to overlook his locating, he accepted counsel to respectably leave over an inconsequential physical harm brought about amid an occurrence in which he valiantly interceded to turn away a wrongdoing. 

Todmorden, both before 1980 and in the years since, has been a hotbed of outsider contact action with a few other significant experiences having been researched, including another snatching of a truck driver from Burnley Road just somewhat farther of Todmorden and on a similar interstate.


  1. The picture PC Alan Godfrey did of the alien looks almost like the one I did as a child... http://searchinginmydreams.blogspot.se/2011/11/have-i-met-aliens-as-child.html

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