December 18, 2016

Alien Figure Standing On Surface Of Mars Pointing At Rover! Dec 17, 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Dec 16, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars

This is an alien figure on a hillside overlooking the rover. Its actually holding up its arm, pointing at the rover. The head, chest and arm are all exposed, and there is a triangle area at its feet, which makes it look like a toga. The figure looks like its alive and not a statue. 

There were a lot of other odd structure everywhere, but mostly I found a lot of different faces of species that I didn't know existed. For instance, did you know there was a Mantis species (5th photo below) on Mars? Some extraordinary faces that give us an in-depth look at who they were. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


  1. Whats wrong with the bottom pic? The invisible type line on left of rock?

  2. Hahahahaha tell me this is a joke. Do you really spend your time looking for faces in rock formations? For the love of god go get a job.

  3. Looks like a pigeon

  4. Nice rock picsScott. I'm looking for something like this for my rockery. Would you be able to get hold of a few for me? I could pay you with disclosure info I obtained from That clown Trump.

  5. Obviously people will read into these shapes as being artificial lay constructed.they are not.these formations are natural geometric forms that are common in the univerce so stop wasting internet space and show us something worth wasting our time.

  6. The thing about all these rover photos is they show no evidence of artificial construction what so ever and are only evidence of natural geometrical formation that is common in the univerce as a stop wasting your lives on such rediculas garbage and show us some real evidence.

  7. The thing about all these rover photos is they show no evidence of artificial construction what so ever and are only evidence of natural geometrical formation that is common in the univerce as a stop wasting your lives on such rediculas garbage and show us some real evidence.

  8. You know Scott its extremely difficult to tell if thats a humanoid being at all buy NASA always DELIBERATELY throwing in visual obfuscation programs on the most interesting pics on mars i,g., & imo advanced visual tech already exist now where SMUDGING PICS seems so dam phony from NASA rover pics ops these days & not even necessary thats comming from a so called decades old advanced space tech org that requires billions of U.S. taxpayers dollars annually to allegedly operate, UC this shows to me & every other person here w/ good "Deductive Reasoning" abilities upstairs where a Thinking Helmet is not required, is that there are races of human & hybrid humanoid beings of various types & also reminents of advanced tech etc from mars past & possibly even present also, that they just simply highly refuse to show the "Pyramidal Uninitiated" masses of earth for one of the greatest reasons that i suspect would be the fear of earth masses becoming self empowered & consciousness enlightenment for the greater masses of earth to realize that theres something beyond "earths 3 main established religions cons, fairy tails & religous mental programing BS", & to spiritually open those earth masses 3rd eye to a totally different realm of living reality would be highly threatning to this present eras spiritually deaden & reptoidal possesed global elites dire plans for the common innocent earth masses daily survival routines imo...

    You see for those possed global elites to realise that the masses of earth are becoming empowered w/ universal self empowering knowledge & growing psyhcic skill sets thats beyond there greedy & sordid mortal control mechanisms instead of being PURPOSELY CONTROLED by them via there diabolical dirty rotten political & economic tricks of theres on present day global humanity such as deliberate relocation of sustainable employment to lower payin 3rd world nations that leads to massive job Losses that leads naturally to homelessness & starvation to welfare dependence to poor to no health care, GMO foods shoved down there throats for corp profit motives, random forced imprisonment while existing in a dire economic state in there corpritized for profit prism sys's, including poor privatised or so called charter grade school sys's being created more & more for corp profit motives that leads to in the long run poor mental education to fake news programing thats devised to dumb down & brain wash even more the global masses thats not awakened yet, also the privatization of the commons for again corp profit motives & generally all those dire tactics & even more from those reptoidal influenced elites to maintain there currupted sense of power & control thatll in short time now on this world thats YOUR WORLD, will start to discombobulate on them givin w/in 4 more yrs of exellerated global economic & military chaos that will start to manifest globally, & also may lead to nationnwide local & regional civil unrest in those effected industrialized nations to dangerous global nuclear threats between the 3 major super pwr's that just hit my mind like a ton of bricks just now, & that could happen in the very near future in this earths era of time w/ in just 4 more short earth yrs regardless of who was selected in this last & foreighn corrupted political horse race in the states imo...

    Or in other words, this present earth eras civilizations time clock will start to click come 1/20/2017 is what im predicting, so BE THERE for the shock awe & excitment of it all to come on YOUR WORLD ok, so either πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰ or πŸ’€πŸ‘Ž, YOU DECIDE.

  9. Not saying that it can't be a living entity, but if it is, WTF is it doing in the middle of nowhere? I mean, look around, there is only barren waste.
    Scott, enough with the rocks which resemble faces. Every time I went into the Superstition Mountains, I saw rocks which I was sure were carvings of faces, etc., but IMHO, they were only wind/rain eroded rocks. Some of the statues featured on your site are indeed real enough, but the faces on this page are looking more like strange looking rocks, than anything else.

  10. After looking through the source photo, there seems to be multiple humanoid figures!! Too many to be a shadowy coincidence in my opinion

    1. They TINK we cant handle the truth Mr Newell, well i got news for them.πŸ˜πŸ‘½πŸ˜Ž

  11. You know that top pan there showing the alleged being standing up has even more & more strange things & beings in it, tho there all visually obfuscated purposely imo, & at the 4:00 position it seems to me to be a naked woman sitting or squatting down, so can anyone else here see what i see there too, also it seems that figs that have a sharper outline detail was deliberately smudged up & recreated to make the fiqs & or objects more rocky looking than normal it seems also...

    Now could NASA somewhere along the line started to feel quite guilty of all those Mars Rover Prog payers billions that there annually cashin in & decided regardless to just give the american pub what ever comes up but obfuscate those real images to satisfy our curiosity & nullify there guilt???, OR is it Devon Island in the 1st place, which personally i doubt & ya know why, ok 3 2 1 here goes, "they would make sure all the trash around the areas was cleaned up before the production run" is the only LOGIC that i can conclude w/ out my one size fit all Thinking Helmet on & activated, now TINK TINK of z possibilities.