UFO Fleet Over Buck County, Pennsylvania On Dec 29, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Dec 29, 2016
Location of sighting: Buck County, Pennsylvania, USA

This capture of a UFO fleet over Pennsylvania is amazing. The UFOs move in unison with each other and they have their own glow. They are moving very fast and flashing to each other which is a method of communication. Wow, what I would give to get a close up of one of these UFOs. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
This happened to me last night. 12-29-16. I was driving home north bound when I spotted multiple lights in the nights sky moving in an eerie pattern. I pulled off he road to watch and tape. I kept no zoom and a steady camera so people could analyze the video and try to debunk it. I could not tell if it was a solid single craft of multiple. Any questions leave in the comments below. This is not a hoax video.


  1. One of them shoots off. Great catch!

  2. Buck County, Pa is the county where "Signs", an Alien invasion movie by M Night Shyamalan, took place. Much of the filming was local. Perhaps the UFOs were sightseeing?

    1. My two children, also my mother and myself spotted 4 round objects in the air with 2 lights on the sides. They were flying from the East towards South we live in. Centralia IL. It was on 1- 1-2017 around 2:08 am. They were flying very low then hovered right above us. My two children tried to record and take pictures but every time there phones acted up then turn right off. They would turn onto there sides flip right onto the other side. Then straighten right onto there sides straight up and down. Then took off into the sky up with stars and dissapered. After only being right above maybe 500ft or so where we could see everything about how they looked like...

  3. PLZ lets us know if they were UFO or military drones...

  4. Has anybody heard anything about who or what these are? I saw them in Oakdale, IL on Dec.30 as well.My in laws live out in the country,middle of nowhere pretty much when they flew over. One of the small drones that followed the copter was messing with me. I shone a flashlight at it and when I decided to get out of the car it decided it better move... once it decided I wasn't going to get my gun, it came right back to where it had been and just sat there. Almost staring at me in a way...

  5. Has anybody heard anything more about who or what these things are? I also saw them fly over on Dec 30 in Oakdale, IL. They flew very low. It was one helicopter and several drones,some stayed near the chopper and others went wherever. One drone had been staying about 30 feet away from me. It didn't care about me shining the flashlight on it,but when I got out of the car it 'ran' away. Idk who they are,but it was kinda creepy...

  6. Just want to say, I saw something like this back in the early 90's, and it always left an impression on me. I was telling somebody the story last night, and they found this. I never saw anything that so closely resembled what I saw that night, than this. For me it was 3 lights that moved into a stationary position. Then, they all began to move in a circular motion. After that, they followed a straight course, similar to these, before zig zagging across the sky,
    up and out of the stratosphere, in lightnening speed, just like these. Almost like a reverse shooting star. I'll never forget it. There is nothing that humans can make that operate in this way. Not the way they zipped out into space or moved in circles.

  7. I seen almost the same thin Sunday Night Bensalem PA. 3/25/18...


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