January 6, 2017

Campers see a light that moved and changed shapes over Argentina On Dec 31, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: December 31, 2016
Location of sighting: El Chocon, Argentina
News source: http://inexplicata.blogspot.com

This UFO is made of energy, and has been seen around the world, but most notedly over the mountains of Colorado and was once seen by tens of thousands of people over the holiest place on Earth...dome of rock. They can change shape, and in our ancient history, these UFOs have been called angels when they appeared before people, because they can take any form, but when they do, they usually have a glowing aura around them. The holy place of Dome of Rock...has a story about an angle that ascended into heaven at that very place...just like the glowing UFO in the video below from Argentina. Angel or alien...it can be both at the same time. 
Scott C. Waring. 

News states:
A family camping at El Chocón on the evening of Saturday, December 31 (2016) claims having seen a UFO floating over the lake. The video they recorded shows a round light that moves and changes shape. Dario Carrizo, one of the people at the site, said that his wife and a friend recorded a light in the sky for 25 minutes. It moved quickly and changed sizes. They believe it was an unidentified flying object. "We spent the evening in a rough campground beyond the dam. That's where we saw the light, and it caught our attention, as it was very bright and moved all the time. It was quite striking," Carrizo explained. He further added that the cellphone shows a spinning object, but this detail cannon be made out clearly on YouTube. He ended by saying that it was a "lovely sight" for the adults, but no so much for the children, who "refused to go to sleep alone."


  1. Sightings are becoming so numerous that it's time someone speaks out. Maybe the new trump administration will have the courage to tell us the truth. Obama didnt. The presence of alien craft visiting us can't be denied forever

  2. Hi Scott, you mention an angle that ascended to heaven. Do you have more information? I am very interested in angles. I particularly like right ones and 45 degree ones. Do you have a favourite angle?

  3. I dont expect infact anyone w/ 2 ounces of intell would expect your newly selected Commander in Creep to say didly crap regarding Otherworldly Life Forms & there tech disclosure unless a back door sleazy DEAL can be made for a fast buck by this soon to come presidential sociopathetic shiester is all...

    So are ya proud now Mr Barzini of your new ameriKKKan Fearless Leader, or do ya feel that wall st swamp is excavated dry once & for all now, OR maybe perhaps getting wider & deeper ya TINK, now TINK now. 😏

  4. I thought I read somewhere that the dome of the rock video was proven to be enhanced with cgi?? Still- I saw this UFO or same type when it parked right outside D.C. above my house for a month last year...I have so many pics it's ridiculous.

    1. Dubunking was created by the CIA who are trained in trickery and deception. They try to focus on the most serious, most real of cases...thats when you know they are 100% real. Debunking is not possible with Dome of Rock sighting. Too many sightings, too many comments of eyewitness spread across the internet who were there. Beware the words debunked...those who use it often are usually paid operatives by the CIA or NSA.