UFO Over Busy Street In Downtown Manchester, England, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: 6-9-2012, but reported today
Location of sighting: Manchester, England
Source: MUFON #81266

This UFO was recently reported but was seen in 2012. The object resembles a ballon, but there is no advertising on it, no strings at all, and its not once piece but unique in that its has several areas within this orb. I have seen such UFO orbs even closer and smaller than this before. Their semi transparent appearance makes them blend in to almost any environment...but as they come lower to the ground, the blending becomes unable to match the surrounding colors, making them very easy to make out. Very amazing catch thats defiantly a UFO. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
I was in Manchester town centre with my brother ,we were driving through the 'northern quarter' when I saw a ball of different coloured lights hovering at approx 30-50 feet away to my left. I said to my brother to stop the car and I got my phone out to take a photo. My brother only saw the object very briefly. There was a car behind beeping so I said for us to turn left and to drive down the road it was on. We turned left and accidentally passed the road we should have turned so I said to stop. We looked down the road the object was on and the object had dissapeared. We were in shock. I took out my phone and we saw that I had captured the object quite clearly. I cannot explain what I had seen and when I show people they can't understand it. The object can be described more detailed by saying it was a hollow ball made up of round downturned discs with vivid colours on the outside. I could see through into the hollow. The pictures will show this. To me the object was between 3 and 8 foot in size and seemed to be hovering over a nearby car. This can be seen on the photo. If you can help to explain what I saw that would be great. 



  1. it's not a busy street these cars are parked, also if did was not on the news i guess it's not real

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    1. Hey Tania, thanks. You too. Was nice here in Taiwan.

  3. Scott i posted a comment on the event is comin page earlier with regards to the alien hand found in peru. I noticed that you nor tyler from secureteam were following this amazing find. Well i mentioned that you covered the skull found in peru which i understand this info came from the same source and now few comments on the site are asking about the skull. Have you seen this story yet? I mean the hand? What do you think? Its remarkable x also since i posted the comment google switched my accounts from gmail to hotmail!!

  4. It's art .... Been hanging there for bloody years ffs ....

  5. It's artwork ... been hanging there for years ... ffs

  6. It's art suspended between two blocks of apartments on Goulden St. It's on Google Maps if you want to look: https://goo.gl/maps/dcjskSnTrwj

  7. It's art suspended between two blocks of apartments on Goulden St. It's on Google Maps if you want to look: https://goo.gl/maps/dcjskSnTrwj

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