Apollo 20 Cigar UFO Found On Google Earth Map In Delporte Crater, Moon, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: 1970s
Location of discovery: Delporte Crater, Earths moon
Google coordinates:  18°39'5.09"S 117°36'19.46"E

The Delporte crater UFO was found on Google Earth. Now I have found better photos at NASA and closer of the craft (click here to see the original Apollo 20 post), but to find the location of Google Earth is just Amazing and new to me. Is the ship 3,300+ meters? Hell yeah. Google Ruler has it at 3,600 so you bet. Was William Rutledge and his videos he released of the alien pilot and the ship real? The most real videos of any alien or alien tech on Earth...yes, yes, yes! The CIA may have deleted his original videos, and discourage him from trying to expose the truth, but I did download a lot of his videos and repost them, which allowed hundreds of others to download them and spread them across the net. The truth is unstoppable. 

Click here to hear about Delporte from Wikipedia. 

Strangely Google has taken away the inner zoom level of the photo, which means we can no longer zoom in closely to the surface. That zoom has been deleted...maybe they saw this video and took it away because it was exposing alien tech on the moons surface. 

I use to chat with the astronaut who said he was one of the chosen few to man the Apollo 20 mission. The missions job...to enter the cigar UFO crashed in Delporte crater and retrieve any alien tech possible. They did, but they found a door already cut into the hull of the craft, so it was ransacked before they even got there. His name was William Rudtledge and he was a USAF vet retired in Rwanda...his wife's home. He was already in his late 70...I'm guessing 78 when he first downloaded some videos of the mission on Youtube. CIA a few months after hacked his account and deleted all but one video. This frightened him and he praised the efforts of the CIA to stop him, but then uploaded the videos to a new site, but that site was smaller than Youtube and soon closed a few months later. So yes, me a few others did chat with him on Youtube, but today if he is alive, he's over 85+ years old, so I don't think he cares much about it anymore. Thanks William, we heard you loud an clear. We will take it from here.
Scott C. Waring