UFO Seen Parked At Jet Propulsion Laboratory, New Mexico, Feb 1, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: February 1, 2017
Location of discovery: Jet Propulsion Labs, New Mexico
Google Coordinates: 34°12'18.59"N 118°10'13.12"W

Here is a eye brow raising discovery found on Google Earth map by Youtube user Name Shame. He found an actual flying saucer parked near the secret military laboratory on the mountain top. He states,  "A spacecraft spotted at the end of the runway on mesa rd JPI. Is NASA playing games.. ufo captured? What it is!" 

This disk is low to the ground. So much so that it doesn't cast a shadow, even when the nearby car does. So this disk is about 3 meters big at its center, and about 1.5 meters at its edge from the ground. That is way too low to be a water tower. A water tower would be 5-10X taller! But there is no shadow, so this is not a water tower.

Now, the amazing thing is that if you hit the date bar, you can view photos of the same area in the past, and this disk moves around from place to place. Its in the perfect position where no one would be able to see it since its on a hilltop at the highest point in the city with mountain walls on all sides and a military fence around the facility. 

So, what we see here is an alien craft being experimented on at Jet Propulsion Labs and since its parked outside, its probably parked there because its too much trouble to move it back and forth nightly for test flights. As you can see, its on a road track that goes into the building, then later its off the track hidden near the bushes. 
Scott C. Waring

Awesome video below by UFO Mania of Youtube