December 21, 2017

Giant Cylinder UFO Seen In Orion Nebula Through Telescope, Dec 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: December 2017
Location of UFO: Orion Nebula

This UFO was captured on camera by a person in North Carolina using an eight inch telescope. This is actually the second time he has captured this UFO. A few weeks ago he also caught it. You probably are wondering why such a boring design for a spacecraft? Watch this informative video by SecureTeam10 of Youtube and tell us what you think below. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Many of the "rocks" discovered do not match existing surrounding landscape with respect to size, texture, shadow, color. Do not forgot why camouflage was invented. The previous posting showing a moon crater structure in no way fits the profile of impact rebound except that it is centered.

  2. Definitely not a rock, I have no idea how anyone could think this is a "natural" Object. I am a geologist,have been for over 30 years, studied moon rocks and other planetary anomalies at Berkeley.

  3. I am watching Sirius through my binoculars and I see a line next to it. It’s strange. I’ve never seen it before and it’s not near other stars. Just Sirius. I googled it and this post came up . Could it be the same ? It’s near the Orion constellation.

  4. About 5 years ago i got (temporarily) the space map 150 Gb of almost all visible space (from sky-map site). And found out the strange objects, that i had named "space elevators".
    You can see pictures hereлифты
    Look for post #10. There is the sigar shape object in constelation Virgo.
    Another similar object i found in the rings of Saturn.
    There are a lot of "sigars" in the space.