Thank you to the anonymous reader who gave donation of bitcoin yesterday.

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks to the person who sent me a donation in bitcoin yesterday. Very thoughtful and kind of you. I really appreciate the help. Thank you for watching out for us at UFO Sightings Daily. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Strange people do kind things while kind people do strange things. One word, NEVER listen to David Seaman and you have enough time to quickly learn the pattern before it stalls. Rumor._. A major US bank has just brought as much as possible. It will probably make one more frenzy rise then sell three qaurters and leave it.

  2. You're welcome �� ����

  3. You're welcome Scott , keep up the good work

    1. Hey, so cool you did this for me. Thank you Narider for you kindness. Its readers like you that makes me know that people care about this work being done here.


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