UFO Sighting.

(NOTE: I originally commented this story on a post, but because i don't want to lose track of the story, I'm posting it. This took place in April of 2017.)
This happened back in April but i never knew where to share it without people thinking i was crazy.
Anyways i was coming home from my best friend's house. It was around 10:30 p.m. and i asked my dad to come pick me up (I hate driving, especially at night :P). I was looking up at the sky to see if there were any stars, unfortunately the whole sky was covered in clouds. All of the sudden, a massive circular light shines through the clouds, stays there for half a second, and zooms over my head. It was so surprising and noticeable that i shouted "what was that?? did you see that, dad???" and turned around as far as i could in my seat. Unfortunately it was gone. My dad doesn't believe in aliens, and dismissed what i saw. But i knew what i saw.
I was pretty spooked, so once i got home i went and sat in my bed and texted my best friend what i had just witnessed. He suggested a plane but it was very obvious that it wasn't plane-shaped, sized, or able to be seen through thick clouds. I swore to him i knew what i saw and he believed me. i was too scared to sleep because of the event, but right at 2 a.m. i had woken up with a jolt. The first thing that was odd to me was that i had woken up from a nightmare. A very real and vivid nightmare. I saw 3 or 4 aliens around me, prodding. The second thing that was odd to me was that i didn't remember falling asleep. I know you never actually remember falling asleep, but this felt super different and off. It was as if i had been knocked out. The third thing that was odd to me was that my whole body ached as if i had just finished a grueling workout. I called my best friend and told him that i had just woken up out of nowhere. Before i could finish my story he told me that he too had just woken up out of nowhere with the thought of me. i explained my dream and to this day we both believe its real.
Still creeps me out and i always feel watched through my window.
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