NASA Records Four UFOs on Live Stream!!!

NASA Records Four UFOs on Live Stream!!!
I saw four UFOs on the NASA ISS Live Stream, after a fantastic red and purple sunset over Earth. After the sun light faded, four white spherical UFOs lined up in the clearing among the clouds in the atmosphere and pulsated, catching ripples of sunlight as they moved through the sky. It was really bizarre and has to be alien. I think it is definitely alien because none of the other clouds made that perfect ripple of light that looked like a miniature sun and two of them vanished though two remained. What do you think? Alien or human? Definitely real objects in a perfectly straight line that catch the sunlight so they have to be metallic of some kind in order to do that. None of the other clouds did and these were not clouds but hiding in the middle of the clouds. Here is a picture of the sunset that faded after a minute and then here's the video of the UFOs.
Four UFOs Caught on Live Stream!
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