What do you guys think of this UFO incident in Kazakhstan 2018?

So apparently a UFO crashed in Kazakhstan near where the world cup finals are happening and the locals found a metal sphere with a hatch. They said that though it looked metal it wasn't metal but some kind of fabric. However, the sphere was spinning and pulsating and on fire. It lit up the hillside and shook the houses. It had a hatch with valves and stuff and looked man made but they couldn't get it open. The authorities got involved now and there is no word on it yet. This is a day old. Check out this article:
P.S. Here is another article by Unilad about it. I know these sources are far from reliable and am horribly sorry about the illegitimacy about the sources. I will look on the news and see if it said anything. SecureTeam10 just made a video about it and that's how I found out so I did some research and this is what I came up with. I don't know how legit or real this is. Seems real enough though there is even a video somewhere.

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