Alien captured 69 years ago by US Military is still a prisoner today, forced to work for them, Oct 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

What happens when real footage is leaked into the private sector and goes unnoticed for years, but then loads of fakes begin uploading to Youtube for Adsense cash...do we continue to ignore the real videos, and label them as fake to give us a clear conscious? Oh, hell no! 

This is real raw footage from years back. This video was uploaded more than 9 years ago at a time when I was #5 in Taiwan top ten list on Youtube, back when fakes were not a thing, three years before PewDiePie existed on Youtube, a time when people didn't upload fakes for cash...yet. 

This is real footage of an alien, probably the grey from the Roswell, New Mexico crash when all but one alien were killed. The last one curled up, injured scared and found by US Army soldiers. Sure that was back in 1947, however Greys live forever if they are in their own environment. It looks like this is that same one from the crash. Waiting its time out, waiting...because time for it is minute compared to time for us. It may be thousands or millions of years old, so whats a few decades as a prisoner of the US military until it finds a way to escape. Oh, by the way, Los Alamos labs took DNA samples from it, and cloned a whole troop of those greys to do work for the military in an underground base 5km below Los Alamos Labs. Its time to remember the truth, watch the video below. 

Scott C. Waring


  1. Scott, do you know if Travis Walton has ever seen this video?

  2. yes, I believe that they (the Gov) knows so much. I feel bad for the Alien, as long as he wont hurt us. They could take us out in one swoop, I am so confusued about everything I was raised to learn.


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